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With a wave of his hand Emperor Wu moved Sima to prison The accusation is "the second division" which is the

With a wave of his hand Emperor Wu moved Sima to prison The accusation is "the second division" which is the meaning of attacking the second division general guang-li Li The charge is not small attacking Emperor Wu's favorite general is not equal to attacking Emperor Wu himself Be beheaded according to the law of the Han Dynasty In prison he experienced the harm of cruel officials He had only heard about it before but now he had "personal experience" "When he saw the warder he grabbed the ground" He was tortured physically and mentally The cruel Fertilizers officials under Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty were famous for fabricating charges and killing people like dirt The cruel officials were addicted to killing people and the speed of the judgment was astonishing They were sentenced to kill one by one There was a cruel official named Yi Zong who cut off more than four hundred heads in one day Another cruel official took the time to kill prisoners in the winter because according to the rules laid down by Liu Bang the execution was stopped in the spring The cruel official sighed and said How nice it would be to give me another month I'll kill all those guys! When Sima Qian wrote the Biographies of the Cruel Officials he later used four words "I think I can"-the emperor thought these cruel officials were very capable Sima Qian fell into the hands of cruel officials and was brought to trial tortured and frightened Whether the head can be saved is a big problem There are also variables depending on how the situation develops and Emperor Wu himself has always been moody One day he suddenly felt that Li Ling may indeed be brave to fight the enemy ran out of ammunition and food to be captured so sent sun ao with a team to the Huns to understand the situation have the opportunity to snatch back Li Ling Gongsun Ao however quickly returned to Chang'an and reported to Emperor Wu that Li Ling was busy training troops for the Xiongnu people and the training items were all aimed at the tactics of the Han army "Long Yan great anger" destroy Li Ling's father mother wife clan hundreds of people were killed in the city most of them are women and children Zhang Shang a famous cruel official carefully arranged the steps First he used a knife to tattoo the faces of the condemned prisoners then cut off their noses one by one and then cut off their toes together Then the firing squad raised a stick to beat the bloody prisoners to death then beheaded them and hung them on the flagpole and then chopped the bodies into meat sauce But things are wrong for the Huns training army called Li Xu not Li Ling Sun ao is eager to claim credit listen to half turn around and go When the news of the destruction of the three clans spread beyond the Great Wall Li Ling cried and killed Li Xu with a knife From then on he took refuge in the Huns and married Chanyu's daughter to breed again When the truth came to light Emperor Wu regretted it but he did not say a word Rulers are justified in committing crimes What should be done must be done Sima Qian who interceded for Li Ling continued to go to prison Sima Qian Qi Sima Qian had a new accusation called "crime of false accusation" deceiving the emperor out of nothing Death penalty waiting to be beheaded It was a hard time and the man of steel was in tears The book is not finished there are daughters and boys how can this incense be passed on Two worries are not over and death is not in sight However he survived in a desperate situation and for some reason Emperor Wu was happy again and pardoned the world The prisoners on death row are all ecstatic including our Sima Qian GlobalChemMall However the person who announced the decree immediately announced an additional condition to spend money to buy a complete release from prison the amount is half a million yuan Make up less than this number cut "potential" to save life This is the so-called castration also known as corruption women closed Yin men cut potential In ancient Chinese the testicles of humans and animals are called potential Five hundred thousand yuan is an astronomical figure for Sima Qian His family ran around for him knocking on doors everywhere to borrow money and seeing a cold face when he hit a snag He had few friends and some of his relatives and friends avoided it This is not entirely to blame human feelings such as paper relatives and friends afraid of implicating Li Ling was the tragedy of genocide is still vivid Sima Qian was imprisoned because of Li Ling If Emperor Wu fell out they would be prosecuted for collecting money for Sima Qian Sima Qian was castrated and the seven-foot man lost his testicles For Historical Records he chose to live He divided life into ten levels the first is the honor of not humiliating ancestors the tenth is to accept castration and humiliate all ancestors and the ninth is to die after cutting off limbs The place of execution is called "silkworm room" which means the warm room for silkworm rearing because those who are subjected to castration are afraid of cold The executioner flashed a sharp knife and an obscene smile and Sima Qian's heart-rending scream called out the great shame of a hundred generations of great men When Sima Qian was released from prison and promoted Emperor Wu arranged this talented man by his side and made him Zhongshu Ling equivalent to a personal secretary Many people envy him including his friend Ren An He was qualified to enter and leave the palace to be close to the emperor and to walk among the colorful women Emperor Wu used his pen and ink skills and did not worry about his skills as a man because they no longer existed and were removed and the operation was neat Eunuchs in the past Dynasties had operations that were not thorough Inorganic Chemicals enough They mixed up with women in the palace like Zhao Gao and left illegitimate children among the people the palace maids ran out when they were pregnant Emperor Wudi was very relieved about Sima Qian calling him around including on the dragon bed and the penis was still in the body of the concubine Sima Qian has always despised eunuchs but now he is worse than eunuchs He has a man's self-respect and self-respect begets shame while eunuchs have no shame "Report to Ren An" uses a word crazy and confused The pain and contradiction of the heart is enough to make people crazy When I read Lu Xun before I had an impression that the great tension of words comes from the high-intensity extrusion just like the underground fossil energy Emotions situations thoughts make outstanding language take shape in the squeeze Sima Qian's words were boiling hot and after cooling they were put into the fire and pressed again Confused for a long time all of them were burned which made his words as hard and beautiful as diamonds In the "Letter to Ren An" he described his situation and state of mind after being tortured "It is a matter of one day and nine times If you live there you will suddenly die If you go out you will not know what to do "Every time I think of this shame I sweat without touching my clothes on my back" He tried to be respectful at work smiling at the emperor and his women People who are "out of the game" are usually like this everything is normal He wrote a book behind closed doors after work Refuse all social intercourse and social intercourse Sima Qian began to write Records of the Historian at the age of about forty-two Now he is nearly fifty years old and has been writing for seven or eight years Perhaps his previous articles were relatively peaceful but since he was castrated his style of writing has changed and is full of militancy Militancy comes from the sense of humiliation from the many things smouldering in the heart