Star Ring _ 2

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With Lin Tian's current speed, it didn't take much time to reach Zijin City.

With Lin Tian's current speed, it didn't take much time to reach Zijin City. Ziwan was not in Zijin City, and Lin Tian didn't have to stay in Zijin City. He was directly transported to Zhuque City through the transport array of Zijin city. Out of the transport array, Lin Tian was shocked to find a man greeting him outside the transport array. Lin Tian, I thought you would stay in the lower world for many years, but I didn't expect you to return to the divine world so soon. Xing Tian smiled. Xing Tian, you actually came to meet me, really let me a little flattered ah. Lin Tian laughed and said, "Anyway, you can go down at any time in the future, and there's no need to stay in the lower world for a long time this time. When you want to go down, you can go down again." "Look, Lin Tian, that's Lin Tian!" Suddenly, a man near the transport array shouted loudly. His cry immediately made many people look at Lin Tian. Xing Tian didn't know them at all. But the news that Lin Tian and Troy were killed by Lin Tian had spread all over the divine world. Lin Tian's appearance was known to countless people in the divine world. Lin Tian, your reputation is much bigger than mine, ha ha. Xing Tiandao. Lin Tian curled his lips and said, "Why don't I shout loudly that you are the God of Xing Tian?" "No." Xing Tiandao, "let's go." Lin Tian they quickly left the transport array into the inner city of rosefinch, leaving the people near the transport array constantly guessing, one is to guess whether this Lin Tian is true, the other is to guess who is around Lin Tian? This is Lin Tian's second visit to the Wuji Hall in the inner city. Lin Tian, how long will it take to remove the heart lock? Xing Tiandao. Half a month is about the time. Lin Tiandao, "If you are weaker than me, you can remove a person's heart lock in a few minutes." Time went in quietly, and in a twinkling of an eye, half a month had already turned into history. Inside the Hall of the Promise, Xing Tian and Lin Tian both opened their eyes. It feels really good. Xing Tian got up with a smile on his face. Lin Tian at this time, his face is also showing a trace of joy, to Xing Tian to remove the heart lock, his heart lock control amount actually dropped to three percent, the empty control amount as high as ninety-seven percent, such a high empty control amount, control of a dozen or so god-level masters should not be a problem! "Xing Tian, if it's all right, I'll leave first." Lin Tiandao. Leaving so soon? Stay and have lunch together. Xing Tiandao, "you, me, and Uncle Qing have a few drinks." "All right then." And two God level master to eat, such treatment, the average person that is not even want to think. Green crack day at this time, also is to reveal the figure, three people in a short while then sat down around a table. Lin Tian, I wonder if you will participate in the trip to the holy world after more than two hundred thousand years? Xing Tian took a sip of wine. This I'm not sure now. I'll see when the time comes. If I don't even have a god-level cultivation at that time, then I won't enter the holy world. If I have a god-level cultivation, precision welded tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, I may also enter it. Lin Tiandao, he knew that with Yang Shi's aptitude, it was impossible for them to become saints by themselves. There were saints in the holy world. If they had the strength, Lin Tian also wanted to get a few for them. Of course, the premise was that they had enough strength. The holy world was not a peaceful place. So many aspects of the strong gathered together to fight for the limited sage fruit and God liquid, do not kill the earth turned upside down, the sun and the moon without light is strange, Lin Tian does not want to run in with low strength and be killed by others! "Your idea is also good. It's too easy to die in the holy world if you have the strength of a God." Green crack the way of heaven. Wood, have you ever been in the holy world? Tell me what the holy world is like. Lin Tiandao. "The environment of the holy world is extremely complicated. Even if no one attacks you, you will lose your life if you are not careful. The boundless waters and volcanoes all contain the power of law. In the holy world, even a god-level master may drown or be burned to death. In the wind, he may be able to blow out his soul directly.". In some places, the gravity is infinite, if the god-level guy breaks in carelessly, he may be crushed to death directly, and the god-level people will walk hard inside. In addition, there are too many dangerous things, but the more dangerous the place is, the greater the chance of getting the treasure. , Chapter 219 subdue God emperor level master! "Wood, isn't there the same chance that there will be sage fruit and divine liquid in every part of the holy world?" Lin Tiandao. "Theoretically speaking, that's true, but the more dangerous the place is, the fewer people will go there. So basically, the more dangerous the place is, the more likely it is to get the holy fruit and the holy liquid. Of course, if you're really lucky, maybe you'll find a holy fruit on the side of the road as soon as you enter the holy world!"! Of course, if there is no certain strength and luck, to get the treasure may not be the same good thing, three days, how many people dare to say that they can not be found within three days to kill it?! "Yes, three days is too long. It would be a little better if it were three hours." Lin Tiandao, "Wood, have you ever seen the divine liquid and the sage fruit?" Green crack day nodded: "saw, God liquid also shot to grab, but at that time my strength is not strong now to let the other side to escape, the sage fruit I only looked from a distance, did not dare to go up to grab, the last time only appeared a saint fruit, the result because of the saint fruit died at least more than one hundred thousand people, most of them are God level master!" Lin Tian gasped, a sage fruit, unexpectedly died tens of thousands of God level master! Wood, what about the gods who own the world? Will their souls melt into the world and be killed? Lin Tiandao. Green crack day nodded: "Yes, into the holy world, the soul of the God master who owns the world will no longer melt into the world, but will appear in the body. Once the body and soul are destroyed, the world will also die. It is said that it will form something called the world bead,cold drawn tubes, which may appear in the holy world or in other places, like our divine world." In fact, it is also possible. 。