After soaring

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Underground, the sound of flesh and blood scraping against the rocks came.

Underground, the sound of flesh and blood scraping against the rocks came. The purpose of the "Star Attraction Method" was mainly aimed at the most threatening "Eight Serpents". With tremendous force, the fierce beast, which had been lurking underground for many years, was pulled out of the ground. In the distance, a series of rising peaks suddenly collapsed without warning. Fall, in some places, the ground is broken, revealing a scaly back. Quack! The Orochi crocodile gills a drum, issued a frightened cry, most of the body has been sucked into the chaotic space of Fengyun Mowgli. The ugly head of the snake, with a body thousands of feet long, sank into the realm of chaos as if nothing, but all the bodies exposed outside the realm sank into the ground, I do not know how long. Why is this monster so long? Fengyun Mowgli cried out in his heart, and when his anger came, the evil spirit in his body stirred up again, and the power of the Star Attraction Law rose several layers again. In the sliding sound of "Liuliu", accompanied by a roar, the eight giant basilisk called out, and the long giant tail finally rose from the ground. In the void. The brilliance of the chaotic realm suddenly expanded thousands of feet, including the eight serpents and some powerful monsters. All of them are dragged into the field, and in midair, with a flash of brilliance,aluminium coated tubes, the whole field disappears. Drink! A burst of exclamations came from the distance, and many ancient masters came over, but before and after a few moments, Fengyun Mowgli, together with the most powerful monster, disappeared. Boom! Farther away, a Kuroshio is coming, but when you look closely,aluminium coated steel tube, it's another batch of Archaic Warcraft coming at a high speed. Choke! Wipe a knife arc across the void, "drink!" But heard a sound of exclamation from the four directions, that is, after a wisp of knife light rose into the air, in front of a majestic rainbow light like a river and sea, roaring toward the powerful monster in the distance did not go. Boom! The tide formed by the convergence of thousands of swords crossed the void and cut down from the sky. Under the swords, a large area of mountains and rivers, together with the monsters coming, all screamed and groaned into powder. The heavy evil spirit rose from the ancient masters, stirring up the changeable situation, far away, the original red eyes, straight tube to the monsters, finally had some fear, stopped. The field of chaos has no special nature, and its greatest value is reflected in the field of its assimilation. To this day, Fengyun Mowgli has only assimilated the gravitational realm space of the demons of purgatory and the infinite realm of Bell Sparta. In the face of the monsters in the interior of the realm, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,Precision steel tubes, as well as the eight serpents with bent serpent bodies, heads almost up to the sky, and a serpent letter, Fengyun Mowgli's only choice is the infinite realm! Drink! With a roar, Fengyun Mowgli stepped on the ground, held his palm over his head, and his black hair floated up, like a God. With this roar, a huge red lightning flashed across the void, and the whole field suddenly changed. The field suddenly filled with thick smoke, in the void, one after another wind and cloud Mowgli appeared out of thin air, densely spread all over the void. The eight-headed serpent instinctively felt the threat. Its ugly and ferocious head stood upright and watched the four directions. The large body, which was tens of thousands of feet long, had become a snake array, which could be attacked and defended! Sniff! As soon as the eight serpents spat out, a thick dark green poisonous mist flowed down from top to bottom, like a stream of water, and remained outside the body, forming another defense. I'll let you swallow, I'll let you swallow! Wind and cloud Mowgli a roar, countless replicas directly ignore the monster involved in the field, right palm over the head. Blast at the Orochi from all sides! Squeak! The body of the eight-headed serpent suddenly shrank as if it was leaking air. The dark green eyes of the serpent looked at the four directions calmly. Just as Fengyun Mowgli's countless replicas were about to hit the body with their palms, they suddenly let out a harsh and ferocious cry. The shrinking body soared and bounced out heavily against Fengyun Mowgli's palms! Canopy! A sound like beating the leather came. Fengyun Mowgli feels that his tentacles are greasy and very elastic. And there was a faint force of shock, and the ability to blast in one by one disappeared like mud cattle into the sea. "***, this snake can even use Tai Chi!" Fengyun Mowgli's mind instantly flashed the Tai Chi that Dugu Wushang had practiced. A ferocious color flashed through the dark green eyes of the eight serpents. As soon as the serpent swallowed the letter, it suddenly let out a harsh cry. The head of the neck shook in the void, a hundred feet below the chin. Suddenly split, lightning and gave birth to seven heads, wet and greasy with a fishy neck stem swing, then divided into eight brothers to the eight copies of Fengyun Mowgli! The road is ten feet high, and the devil is one foot high. At the same time when he felt the shock of the eight serpents mixed with his own strength and the strength of his own bombardment, Fengyun Mowgli's palm on the eight serpents turned, and his strength suddenly changed from spitting to swallowing. The "Star Attraction Method" has been launched. The skin covered with iron scales suddenly turned pale and quickly withered. Yah! With a scream, eight serpents were in great pain, eight ferocious heads were broken, their mouths were opened, and a wave of more poisonous smoke spewed down. At the same time, the coiled body of the snake suddenly loosened and shook outward! Poof! Many copies of Fengyun Mowgli were shaken outward by the eight serpents, but Fengyun Mowgli's body was condensed to the extreme, where was it so vulnerable to injury, a few rolls, and stabilized the body, suddenly, a sense of itching, pain came from the palm of the hand, quickly spread to the whole body, Fengyun Mowgli looked down. I saw a pair of palms densely covered with a dazzling green dot. Hum! Fengyun Mowgli has a big opportunity to kill. In the void, another intact replica appeared. Palm stretched out, patted those already in the snake venom of the replicator, star Dafa again, but this time the object is their own. Zizi! Poisoned replicators resisted at all,side impact beams, allowing other emerging replicators to absorb the essence of the body, turn into a piece of rotten bone, and fall from the air with the poison in the body.