Male partner: He is cold and heartless [wear quickly]

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As soon as he put his hat on his head, Haiku breathed a sigh of relief. "Tomorrow is the weekend. Would you

As soon as he put his hat on his head, Haiku breathed a sigh of relief. "Tomorrow is the weekend. Would you like to have a haircut together?" "Yes, my hair is just a little long." Zhang Zhipeng nodded with a smile. The other roommates on both sides also came over and pushed them, "How can we not be called to cut our hair?"? I also want to get a handsome hairstyle. Let's go together. Maybe we can get a discount. I also want to get a curly and handsome one! When I was in high school, I always had a buzz cut. It was not easy to go to college. Of course, I had to put it. Swing back !” Chat atmosphere has become lively, even cut a hair to go together in groups, whether they know or do not know, are gathered together, discussing which girls are more good-looking, which battalion instructors are more fierce. During the rest time, everyone is in a state of enjoyment, but Jin Xiaoxiao is thinking about how to approach Zhang Zhipeng. I didn't have any contact with him when I was in college, but it's hard to find a breakthrough point this time. Xiaoxiao, you see how lively the boys are. Zhang Zhipeng is really handsome! With a low scream, Yang Xiao took a sip of water, "I don't know if he has a girlfriend." Jin Xiaoxiao is a little disgusted with Yang Xiao. She used to like Zhang Zhipeng with her, so there are many topics. But since she knew that the person who married Zhang Zhipeng was her, Jin Xiaoxiao inevitably had a sense of disgust for her. But everyone is in the same dormitory, Jin Xiaoxiao also dare not make too embarrassed,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, perfunctory nodded, Jin Xiaoxiao a pair of already do not want to talk to her look. Yang Xiao also does not want to ask for no fun, people do not pay attention to themselves, they do not need to put up so. But after a while, Jin Xiaoxiao suddenly posted up, "Yang Xiao, what kind of girl do you think Zhang Zhipeng would like?" "I don't know,beam impact tubes, but a handsome boy like him should like a beautiful girl." Yang Xiao shook his head. Jin Xiaoxiao is a little disappointed, originally thought that this person is married to Zhang Zhipeng, more or less can also guess a little. However, after thinking about it again, Jin Xiaoxiao still felt that this person did not want to tell himself that he was so close to her when he was in college, but that he had not contacted her for two years after graduation, so he did not tell himself the news of his marriage to Zhang Zhipeng. She must know that she also likes Zhang Zhipeng, so she doesn't tell herself some private news. Otherwise, with her condition, how can she be better than herself? The more he thought about it, the more he felt it made sense, and Jin Xiaoxiao looked down on Yang Xiao even more in his heart. Is really a scheming woman, can rely on such an ordinary face to marry the school grass, is not because of scheming? Yang Xiao felt that Jin Xiaoxiao's face was black and inexplicable. At first, Precision Welded pipes ,Cold Drawn Tubes, he thought that this person also liked Zhang Zhipeng. Maybe they would have some topics. They could also share their thoughts with each other, but they didn't think that the other party seemed not very interested, which made Yang Xiao a little disappointed. Silently sat on the other side, Yang Xiao did not speak again. Jin Xiaoxiao looked at the other side with Zhang Zhipeng chatting in full swing of the sea dry, the heart has some other ideas. She remembered that when she was in college, Haiku seemed to live in the same dormitory with Zhang Zhipeng, but she didn't tell Haiku the news that she liked Zhang Zhipeng at that time, because at that time she thought it was a cheap thing for girls to like boys on their own initiative, and she especially didn't want her childhood sweetheart to know. Not to mention that this childhood sweetheart still likes herself. However, when she began to have a boyfriend in her junior year, Jin Xiaoxiao found that no matter whether she had a boyfriend or not, Haiku was equally good to herself. She had gifts on New Year's Day, not to mention all kinds of anniversaries. This feeling of being spoiled is very good, Jin Xiaoxiao felt that she should now tell Haiku without any worries, she likes Zhang Zhipeng, maybe Haiku will help herself. The two of them live in the same dormitory, and Haiku must have more information. The sea can not help feeling, the fate of the spare tire is sad, has not yet started to do something, has begun to be calculated. [Jin Xiaoxiao]: Hey, the handsome guy next to you looks very good. Do you have any contact information? Is he from your dormitory? [Haiku]: Yes, he is in our dormitory, and he is the head of the dormitory. He is tall and handsome, and he has a sense of responsibility. Not going to answer Jin Xiaoxiao directly, Haiku put his cell phone away after a casual reply. Fortunately, the rest time was over at this time, and the drillmaster called them all up. Come on, we'll be able to eat soon. Let's hold on for a while! That loud voice let all the people put away their mobile phones, Jin Xiaoxiao was a little disappointed, but thinking about getting the contact information, it was just a matter of time, her heart relaxed again. After the military training in the morning, the dining hall is always in a crowded state. Everyone has a smell of sweat. Haiku himself dislikes the smell of his body. "I'll go back to take a bath first and then go to eat. Anyway, there are so many people now that I can't get a row." Let me call you back. What do you want to eat? Anyway, I don't want to eat in the dining hall and always be surrounded like a monkey. Zhang Zhipeng put his cell phone away, thinking it was just a handy thing. How touching it is to be moved to help oneself to eat when the sea is dry. For this matter, he also wants Zhang Zhipeng to polish his eyes and see clearly what kind of person Jin Xiaoxiao is. I want to eat four or two meals. One meat and one vegetable will be fine. You help me watch and play. Touching his stomach, Haiku handed his meal card to Zhang Zhipeng, "Thank you so much." "It's all right, it's a simple task." Zhang Zhipeng felt that Haiku's expression was somewhat exaggerated, and Zhang Zhipeng thought it was funny. On the way back, I bought a few cups of milk tea, one for each of the four people in the dormitory, and felt the cool feeling. Anyway, it's not a bad thing to build friendship between college dormitories. After taking a bath,impact beam tubes, the whole body was refreshing, and the people who had eaten came back, talking and laughing.