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However, this possibility is extremely low after all. Because memorix has signed several detailed contracts with

However, this possibility is extremely low after all. Because memorix has signed several detailed contracts with customers on information management, if memorix employees take out and leak information without permission, once found, memorix must pay a huge fine. Therefore, it is reasonable to speculate that the software of Dongxi Denso was stolen. There is no memorix connection to East-West Denso, and East-West Denso's software has never left the company. Even if the content of the software is very similar, memorix can still claim to be accidental. After an in-depth investigation, a man was finally identified. His title was: Yuichi Akiyoshi, the chief research and development officer of memorix. He joined memorix in 1986. as soon as he joined, memorix suddenly began to research metal processing expert systems. The next year, the research and development work was initially completed, and the speed was beyond normal. Such research usually takes three years even if it is short. Could it be that Akiyoshi invested memorix with the basic data of the metal processing expert system? This is the inference of Imaeda et al. However, for Akiyoshi, their investigation misses the point. He lives in a rental apartment in Fengdao District, but he is not registered in this area. Imaeda and others through the apartment property company to investigate the address before Akiyoshi moved in, did not expect to be in Nagoya. The investigator immediately went there, only to see a tall building like a chimney standing proudly. Investigators inquired nearby, but were unable to find out whether someone surnamed Akiyoshi had lived there before the building started. The result of the inquiry to the district office is the same. Yuichi Akiyoshi's household registration is not here. In addition,plastic pallet crates, when Akiyoshi rented the house, the guarantor lived in Nagoya, but his residence was empty. Who on earth is Akiyoshi? To find out, they conducted the most basic investigation, which is continuous surveillance. While Akiyoshi was away, they set up two wiretaps in his apartment in Toyoshima District, one listening to the house and the other listening to the phone. At the same time, in addition to registered and time-limited delivery,plastic bulk containers, almost all the mail sent to him was opened and checked, and then re-sealed and put back into the mailbox. Of course, the information obtained by such means cannot be used in court, but it will be of great benefit in identifying him. Akiyoshi seems to only come and go between the company and the house. No one visited his house, and there were no phone calls worth investigating. Rather, there was hardly even a telephone. What is the pleasure of this man's life? It's lonely as hell. The man in the same group with Imaeda once looked at the window of the room in the camera and said. At the time, they were sitting in a van disguised as a thousand washes truck, with a camera on the roof. "Maybe he was running for his life," Imaeda said, "hiding his name." "Like killing someone?" The partner smiled. Probably Imaeda also answered with a smile. Soon, they found out that Akiyoshi would contact at least one person. Once when he was in the room, there was a harsh sound. It was a pager. Imaeda tightened her nerves and focused on the headset, thinking that Akiyoshi would make a phone call. However, plastic pallet suppliers ,secondary containment pallet, Akiyoshi left the room and walked straight out of the apartment building. Jinzhi they hurried after him. Akiyoshi stopped in front of the public telephone outside the tobacco hotel, dialed the phone, and said something with an expressionless face. During the conversation, he did not forget to pay attention to the surroundings. They could not get close to Imaeda. This happened several times. After the pager rings, Akiyoshi will definitely go out to make a phone call. Because he never used the phone in the house, Imaeda thought he had found a bug, but if so, he would have removed it. He probably developed the habit of using the public telephone for all important calls, and even if he dialed the public telephone, it was never fixed in one place, but changed to a different telephone each time, and the prevention was quite thorough. Who dialed his page? It was the biggest mystery of the time. But before the mystery was solved, things went in the other direction. Because Akiyoshi took a puzzling action. First, on a Thursday, Akiyoshi made a rare trip to Shinjuku after work. In fact, this is not rare, because it is the first time since Imaeda and his party launched the investigation. Akiyoshi enters the cafe near the west exit of Shinjuku Station. There, Akiyoshi meets a man. The man was about forty-five years old, thin and small, with an expressionless face and an unpredictable mind. The first time Imaeda saw the man, there was a burst of uneasiness in her heart. Qiu Ji took a large envelope from the man's hand, confirmed it, and then handed the man a small envelope. The man pulled out what was in the envelope. It was cash. The man quickly counted and stuffed it into the inner pocket of his coat, then took out a piece of paper and gave it to Akiyoshi. Must be a receipt, I guess. Then Akiyoshi talked to the man for a few minutes while standing up. Imaeda and her partner followed separately. Imaeda and Akiyoshi found him going straight back to his residence. After investigation, the person who was followed by his partner was the president of a detective agency that opened an office in Tokyo. Although he was called the president, in fact, there was only one employee whose wife was also an assistant. As expected, Imaeda was not surprised, because the man had a unique breath of his peers. Imaeda wants to know what Akiyoshi is investigating through the detective. If it is a detective agency associated with Tokyo Comprehensive Research, it is not impossible to imagine. But Akiyoshi employs a person who operates as a freelancer, and if there is a slight carelessness in contact, he will be found out, and the consequences will be unimaginable. Imaeda decides to continue targeting Akiyoshi for the time being, and they monitor the apartment as usual. One Saturday, Akiyoshi acted again. He was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, dressed in casual clothes, followed by Imaeda and his partner. Akiyoshi's back exudes an unusual breath, Imaeda has some kind of premonition, feeling that this is not simply going out. Akiyoshi changed the tram and got off at Shimokitazawa Station. From time to time, he glanced around with cold eyes, but did not seem to realize that he had been followed. He walked around the station, holding a small piece of paper in his hand, checking the house sign from time to time,plastic pallet bins, and Imaeda speculated that he was looking for a family. Before long, he stopped. The location is in front of a small three-story building next to the railway, which appears to be a suite apartment for single people.