Devourer of the Six Realms

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Lando said: "This problem can not be found in all kinds of historical records, but as far as I guess …" I'm afraid

Lando said: "This problem can not be found in all kinds of historical records, but as far as I guess …" I'm afraid it's because of the six major space wars. As you can see in the fantasy, there is a human coalition attacking the Daxia people, which is not recorded in the general history. Bingyan suddenly stood up and said with an expressionless face, "It's hard to say whether these things are true or not. You all admit that what you see is a fantasy. Can't it be a false fantasy?" Lando opened his mouth, but he had to admit that what the ice eye said was reasonable, after all, no one had experienced those events in the fantasy, and naturally did not know whether the fantasy was real or not. Forget it. We'll talk about the fantasy later. Let's figure out this place first. Jin Xiaokai also stood up and looked around the hall where everyone was, and all the teenagers dispersed and searched the whole hall carefully. Bing Yan came to Jin Xiaokai and whispered, "Do you find it strange here?" "Why?" When Jin Xiaokai heard this, he was stunned. "Did you find anything?" "This is very much like the control hall of an empty boat." Jin Xiaokai looked around, and sure enough, as Bingyan said, it was very much like the inside of an empty boat, but the empty boat was a little too big. Is it really an empty boat? But how could it be buried so deep in the ground? Jin Xiaokai was very surprised. Suddenly the voice of the fire tooth sounded in Jin Xiaokai's brain: "This is not an empty boat, it is the'flying boat 'of the Daxia people." "Eh?"? Fire tooth,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, do you know this thing? Jin Xiaokai didn't expect Huoya to know this thing, and he couldn't help being overjoyed. Pretty good. Flying boats are much more advanced than ordinary empty boats, and their performance is even stronger. If you want to control them, I can teach you how to control them. "Really?" Jin Xiaokai was overjoyed, just as his party was trapped on this continent, and now with the flying boat, it should be no problem to leave here. But if the boat is buried in the ground,needle valve manufacturer, can it fly out? With a smile in his voice, Huoya said, "You don't understand the power of the flying boat. You can't imagine the degree of civilization that the Daxia people have mastered." "That's great. Just fly out. I've had enough of this place." Jin Xiaokai was very excited. The ice eye next to her could not hear the conversation between Jin Xiaokai and Huoya. When she saw Jin Xiaokai's expression changing, she couldn't help wondering: "What's wrong with you?" "Nothing. Let's look around." Jin Xiaokai did not want to let others know that he could control the boat for the time being, so he pretended to know nothing about it and searched the whole boat with the crowd. The space inside the flying boat is huge enough to accommodate thousands of people. They are now in the main control room. In fact, there are three floors below the main control room, which belongs to entertainment and living places. After inspection, Jin Xiaokai found that the whole flying boat was actually an upright "egg" shape, which made people feel a little strange. The shell of the flying boat is made of a special metal and organism, which has the self-repairing function of some biological characteristics. It is precisely because of this that the flying boat has been preserved for thousands of years. But after all, the time is too long, so that the whole boat looks a little dull, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,pipe fittings manufacturer, full of a stale taste. However, Jin Xiaokai tried to wipe the wall with his clothes, and found that after wiping, he could actually show a new cluster of light, and his heart was greatly impressed. Darling, the Daxia people who have destroyed the clan are very powerful. Science and technology have developed to such an extent that the flying boat has not rotted after so many years. Jin Xiaokai is very satisfied after the inspection, this flying boat, it is equivalent to a huge star empty boat, after taking it into his own hands, it is absolutely a profitable business. Jin Xiaokai walked and watched, ready to familiarize himself with the whole boat. Suddenly the main control room came a sunspot cry: "Xiao Kai, come here quickly, you see what this is!" " "What's the matter?" Hearing the sound, Jin Xiaokai immediately ran quickly. As soon as he stepped into the main control room, he was startled: a metal door was opened on the original side of the wall, revealing a huge spar behind it! The spar is almost three meters high, the whole is diamond-shaped, the bottom is inlaid on the floor, there are almost hundreds of prisms on the spar, the faint color light flows from top to bottom like a waterfall in the spar, it looks like a dream. Jin Xiaokai's eyes were sharp, and he found that the colored light flowing in the spar was actually made up of countless tiny data characters, which were dense and endless. What is this Jin Xiaokai asked in surprise. Just because we didn't know, we called you up to see it. Sunspot scratched his hair and said, "Just now on the console over there, I accidentally pressed a red button, and then this thing appeared.". Xiao Kai, you have seen a lot. This should not be a self-explosive device, right? Since the previous teenagers saw Jin Xiaokai take out a large group of earth spirit out of thin air, everyone unconsciously regarded Jin Xiaokai as the leader, and when something could not be solved, they would first think of looking for him to deal with it-of course, Lando and Ice Eye were also good choices, but considering that the two men were also polite to Jin Xiaopai. This shows that Jin Xiaokai is the most reliable. This thing is.. Data storage spar. Jin Xiaokai remembered that he had seen similar things before, but the size was not as big as the one in front of him. "I didn't think you could recognize it," laughed the teeth of fire in his body. "Of course I can't compare with you." Jin Xiaokai patted the flattery of fire tooth slightly, say again: "Can you help me read the data inside?" "No problem." Jin Xiaokai stretched out his right hand, and dozens of slender threads immediately appeared on his palm, gently touching the spar, and soon melted in. Seeing this scene,stainless steel tube fitting, the sunspots and monkeys who had stood by and watched could not help but step back, looking at Jin Xiaokai's eyes with a trace of panic-they had never seen any practitioner with such ability, which was simply not like the power that human beings could possess.