Legend of Menghua

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This can let the original face is not good-looking Chen Jinglu face more ugl

This can let the original face is not good-looking Chen Jinglu face more ugly, Zhao Cai was staring at scolding, but also unpleasant, he was not a good man and woman, plus the other side is with Mo Qi scolded not to turn to their own provocation, Zhao Cai which also endure? Regardless of whether the other side is a dragon general or not, he picked his eyes and said, "I heard that you two are from Dongji City?"? The rules there must be different from those in South Point City. This guy knows where his brother came from? It seems that I am afraid. Chen Ruyong snorted and said, "It's true that we always talk to men in Dongji City." But Zhao Cai snorted coldly and said, "No wonder Dongji City can't hold.." We've never had a snake-man in South Point. This word pierces Chen Ruyong's heart, he can't help it any longer, shout loudly, wave a palm to Zhao Cai. Zhao did not expect the other side in front of Chen Kang and Chen Jinglu actually dare to start, he hurriedly reached out a block, the two sides a touch, with a roar of strength overflow, Zhao Cai slightly step back, slightly at a disadvantage. Chen Ruyong is not very good, he wanted to knock Zhao Cai over with one hand, so he used 70% force, but did not expect a small tube belt has this body kungfu, actually can withstand their own blow! With a ferocious expression on his face, Chen Ruyong leapt back out of the pavilion and stood in the open space outside the courtyard, saying loudly,non standard fasteners, "Boy, you have the guts to come down!" "My aunt will deal with you." But it was Moqi who jumped out before Zhao Cai. Originally Mo Qi saw Chen Ruyong spearhead turned to Zhao Cai, mouth and a look down on women, the heart has been inexplicable fire, did not expect Chen Ruyong dare to suddenly start? Moki had to teach him a lesson. When Chen Ruyong saw that pretty girl with golden brown curly hair jumping down first, he was somewhat at a loss. The person in front of him was so charming. Did he really want to fight with her? Is hesitating, Mo Qi has turned over a flying kick, toward Chen Ruyong's forehead straight over. If I really want to fight, will I be afraid of you? Chen Ruyong turned sideways to give way to the blow,DIN screw plug, and his left palm cut straight into Moqi's calf, but Moqi seemed to have known that he had made such a move. As soon as his legs were closed, his body sank to a point of variation, and a large shadow of his palm came over him without thinking, which was somewhat difficult to dodge. As soon as Chen Ruyong thought of underestimating the enemy, he was in danger in an instant. He had no choice but to bite his teeth and shout: "I want to die!" The voice did not fall, his two hands to the inside, then pushed forward, suddenly a torrent from the palm of the rush out, at the same time aroused a slightly harsh roar to Moqi's palm all over the sky. Moqi's palms were more than clever, but their power was not enough. Seeing the other side's clumsiness, Moqi pouted, and his palms hit each other in midair. The whirling figure suddenly settled down. In this way, Chen Ruyong's palms were about to hit the air. Moqi was about to scold, but he saw Chen Ruyong's strength slightly, tracking and turning to attack. Mo Qi is really on fire, learn from each other, CNC machining parts ,die cast light housing, how can someone use the unique learning at the beginning? If you really want to divide life and death, this girl will not be ambiguous about you. She was more than five meters out of a bullet, and while Chen Ju-yung was stunned, the ten delicate fingers of Mo-chi's neatly gathered palms loosened slightly, overlapping and holding them up in front of her chest. The momentum was dignified, but it was as gentle as holding a baby. With a slight pause, Chen Ruyong could see that Moqi's unique skill would come out, but he naturally did not believe that Moqi could fight with himself. He was on guard and raised a smile on his face and said, "Don't be afraid. How can I hurt you?" Smile, there seems to be a faint touch of frivolity. If the object is Mengyu, maybe just laugh it off, but Moqi is not easy to bully, Moqi was about to go forward, suddenly heard a soft whisper behind him: "Wait a minute." Moqi was stunned, but saw Mengyu gently floating to his side. Moqi pouted slightly and said, "Don't ask me to let him go." "That is the unique learning of the East Pole'Bitter Waves Palm '." Meng Yu said with a faint smile, "But seeing that this person is practicing less than 70%, the'swarm of bees playing with pistils' should be able to cope with it." After saying that, Mengyu took two steps back and stood quietly, with his head slightly on one side, and his beautiful hair like a black waterfall floating on the ground. What is "Kutao Palm"? Mo Qi slightly a Leng, but he has not heard of the dream feather should also have not heard, probably is the imperial concubine sent the dream feather to remind himself, since the princess spoke, then what is there to be afraid of? Moqi's face showed a smile rarely seen in recent days. A pair of big eyes on her sweet face stared at Chen Ruyong and said, "You are unlucky." Chen Ruyong listened to Mengyu's words but could not help but get slightly angry, saying that he practiced less than 70%? However, when he saw that Mengyu was graceful and graceful, the whole person had a kind of indescribable gentleness. His anger disappeared again. He smiled at the two of them and said, "One is beautiful and the other is pretty. Are you interested in being our brother's deputy dragon general?" "Confucian mediocrity." The taller Chen Ruya suddenly swept out of the courtyard and stood aside Chen Ruyong, saying, "Don't underestimate the enemy." "Don't worry." Chen Ruyong waved his hand and said, "Can these two pretty girls still eat us?" One side said, the other side moved forward two meters lightly, closing the distance with Moqi. Moqi is thinking, "swarm bee play pistil" refers to "swarm bee finger" and "play pistil step" two kinds of kungfu, he has just put out the "swarm bee finger" starting style, Mengyu is to remind himself to add "play pistil step". Moqi knew in her heart that she wanted to deal with the other side with her mysterious posture, that is to say, the other side was indeed somewhat unbeatable. Seeing that the other side was close to him, Moqi did not answer, and his feet whirled like a butterfly dance, like a fantasy, flickering towards Chen Ruyong. In an instant, there seemed to be Moqi on all sides of Chen Ruyong, and he did not know which figure was real. Chen Ruyong did not expect Moqi to have this move, he did not know for a moment where the power of the palm should be sent out, is in a daze, two slight whistling sound suddenly came out behind him. It means force! As soon as Chen Ruyong was stunned, he turned around and urged Kutao with his palm. He easily broke through the two fingers and said with a giggle, "It's really petty. What is this?" As he spoke, there were three finger winds coming behind him. When Chen Ruyong turned around to deal with it, there were two other finger winds coming,Stainless steel foundry, and they were getting faster and faster, more and more chaotic, and more and more traceless. Now Chen Ruyong dared not talk big any more. He calmed down and kept waving his hands to break up the strength of Moqi's attack. autoparts-dx.com