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Real Name Refuses to Be a Witch [Wear Game] --Yan Yanfuka

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"Well, tell me, what is the mission?" Andele asked weakly. System: [The Eye of Evil has stolen the power of the

"Well, tell me, what is the mission?" Andele asked weakly. System: [The Eye of Evil has stolen the power of the Corona Goddess. Please retrieve the power that belongs to her for the Goddess.] …… Ok, this might be a better SSS level mission than this one. Why on earth did she, a vegetable chicken, get involved in the battle between the gods? Slowly shut down.jpg Perhaps Andele had not spoken for a long time, and the system knew that it was too mysterious to say such a sentence, adding: "This task is not contradictory to your own task, and can turn on the [Undead Body] skill for you in advance." @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City Andelle looked at the wound on her arm that seemed to be widening and thought she might really need the [immortal body] skill. "Well, you have to tell me what to do, don't you?" System: [Wait until then, you'll know.] After saying this, the system lost its voice. Adele:.. This system, is it a magic stick? This conversation is carried out in her consciousness, and there is no need to worry about the secret keeper knowing her secret. Anyway,plastic packing tube, at least she doesn't have to worry about her life now. This may be the only good news so far. Moreover, judging from the information revealed by the system, she vaguely had a bold inference. She was contaminated after looking directly at the mutation in Ravens' body, so in other words, what existed in Ravens' body was the so-called "stolen goddess ability", which was part of the eye of the evil God. There is indeed something strange in Ravins, and if the system side task to get that thing is not contradictory to the original task of this copy,empty cosmetic tubes, dare to assume, whether. Is the same thing? But what does this have to do with the lost rose of Count Mask? Five hours later, it was getting dark outside. Perhaps there had been no wild laughter in Adele's room for some time. There was a knock on the door: "Adele?" No further progress could be made by dwelling in the room. Andele stood up and opened the door. At the door is Latana. Perhaps she tore her clothes when she was mad, and Latana changed her clothes. She was relieved to see her. "You're finally back to normal. Are you hungry?"? Dinner is ready. As soon as she said this, Andele did feel hungry and followed Latana to the restaurant. Along the way, she found that the whole Earl's Court was not only a long and narrow corridor from the entrance hall to the drawing room, but also a corridor between any two other rooms, which was aggravated by the paintings with complex patterns and frames hanging on the walls and the thick velvet curtains on the windows. Vaguely, Andele always felt that someone was watching her, but she looked around and saw nothing. I want to go through a reconnaissance. Andele said that since she had the immortal body, she always felt that she had a lot of confidence. Roll the dice. Shelley: "Successful investigation." You open the gauze curtain and look out and see your missing maid standing in a field of sunflowers looking at you. She runs back in panic when she sees your sight and soon disappears into the sunflower field. You seem to see some marks on her face, plastic cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic plastic tube, but because it's dark, you're not sure. "At this time, Susoffi came out from behind you, and you saw that her eyes and cheeks were flushed and had not faded, as if she had just undergone some vigorous exercise." Susoffi seemed to know what had happened to Adele during the day. When she saw Adele, there was a trace of panic in her eyes, but she quickly concealed it: "What a coincidence that I met you here." Andelle's mind was smoothly filled with yellow waste because of the last four words in Shelley's description, but when she thought about the situation in Lavins'body, she quickly let her yellow waste disperse. "Unfortunately," she said, "aren't we all going to dinner?" After what had happened during the day, Susoffi had learned something about the young lady's "strange temper", but she did not react as much as she did during the day. She just smiled and followed the two men. Nothing else happened along the way. By the time we got to the restaurant, Lavins was already waiting for everyone. When everyone was seated, Lavins rang the bell. The housekeeper and the servants, who had never appeared before, appeared alternately in sight. Soon the dishes were ready and disappeared again. It's filet mignon with foie gras, sea fish steak with white sauce, cream of cabbage soup, lemon avocado mousse, and a few desserts that Andele can't see the main ingredient, but the color is very attractive. Before the meal, Ravens took the lead in praying, and everyone prayed with him. "Andelle pricked up her ears, but she and Ravins were separated by Susoffi and Latana, and it was not clear who he was praying to." I want to listen. She said decisively. If she heard that the object of Lavins' prayer was the eye of trickery, it meant that his whole person had been controlled and could be out of control at any time, so she had to be prepared for that. Listen to the big success of the test. Shelley: "Everything in the room becomes clear. You lean a little closer to Ravens and hear him clearly praying to the Corona." Andelle was a little relieved. Shelley's narrative, however, is not finished. At the same time, you also hear that Susofi's prayers are very strange, and that Latana and the language she uses seem to be the same, a language you haven't heard before. Do you want to pass the language test? Keenly aware that this seemed to be a clue, Adele said eagerly, "Yes, yes, all of them!" Shelley: "The language test is a great success." Because of Adele's lucky constitution, the probability of two successive successes is small,pump tube, but it is not impossible in terms of probability, so Shelley sighed secretly, but was not surprised.