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Back to the Song Dynasty as a princess

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16K Fiction Network Updated: March 30, 2009 13:59:46 Words in this chapter: 4858 When Princess

16K Fiction Network Updated: March 30, 2009 13:59:46 Words in this chapter: 4858 When Princess Anning opened her eyes, she found that it was already dawn. Her body did not know when to cover a dress, should be Zhang Wen. She looked up, and did not see the shadow of Zhang Wen, but not far away Mo Xiaoxue next to a big bluestone, mouth flowing saliva, look at her appearance should sleep very soundly. The bonfire had been extinguished, and only the red charcoal was smoking. The wind blows, the nose does not know how a sour, unexpectedly hit a sneeze. Mo Xiaoxue picked up the sword and found that it was the night who sneezed. She couldn't help touching her head and laughing, saying, "I thought it was a bad guy!" Night also laughed. She stood up, shook off the dust on her body, and then said, "Why don't you see Guard Zhang?" When he saw that the six of them had not come back, he went down to see what was going on. I just went down! As soon as he heard it, he frowned. It was strange that they should come back. Why haven't you come back yet? She could not help thinking of it. So that's it. Lesser Snow, you go to find a dog as soon as possible, and remember to be a black dog without a trace of stray hair. Said to Lesser Snow every night. Lesser Snow listens to say immediately: "Here is desolate countryside ridge,Time Delay Faucet, where do I go to look for black dog?" "Isn't your flying skill great?"? Stop talking and go quickly. There are horses in the woods. Remember, it must be a black dog. Do you know Night could not help but say angrily. Mo Xiaoxue raised her hand and said, All right! Every time I'm with you, I'm running errands. She said, taking her sword, leaping and flying away from the cliff. Bai Yutang and others searched for the so-called Linghu Cave under the cliff all night, but they couldn't find it. There was only a fast-flowing canyon here, as well as unknown flowers and plants and bluestones. They couldn't find half of the cave at all. Zhang Wen,Flushometer valve, why did you come down? Ouyang Chun couldn't help asking when he saw Zhang Wen coming down from the cliff. Did you find the exhibition guard? Zhang Wen hung on the rope and looked at Ouyang Chun with a tired face. Can't find it. You can't find the spirit fox cave here. Could the princess have miscalculated? Ouyang Chun shook his head and said. No, with the ability of the princess, she can open the Green Dragon Altar, naturally will not be wrong. When Zhang Wen heard this, he also raised his head and looked around. Look at this cliff. There will be a fox hole. At the foot of the cliff, Bai Yutang used the shadow of his painting to angrily split a bunch of rocks and weeds. As he split, he cursed, "Damn cat, where on earth have you been hiding?"? Let Grandpa find you, peel off your cat skin, stew your cat meat.. All the scattered people came back. They all looked at each other, shook their heads and said, "I can't find it." Zhang Wen and Ouyang Chun also came down. Aren't we looking hard enough? Although Lu Fang was tired, she couldn't help saying. Jiang Ping climbed up from the rushing river, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, shivering with cold. He sneezed twice. Zhang Wen couldn't help looking for some dry wood to make a bonfire for him. Thank you, Brother Zhang. Jiang Ping wiped his nose and said. Let's take a break first! Zhang Wen said, "wait for the princess to wake up and ask again.". Judging from the fact that everyone was trapped in the battle yesterday, this spirit fox cave must be here. "Well, let's take a break." Lu Fang also said. Seeing this, Zhang Wen said, "I'll go up and get some food for everyone." He said and climbed up the rope. Bai Yutang looked at the crowd and said, "Elder brother, did you say that something really happened when the princess called us to the capital this time?"? As soon as we came, we were asked to save people, but we didn't make it clear what it was. "Something really big has happened.". I have been in Beijing all the time, and I am quite clear about this matter. Ouyang Chun said as he picked off the grass seeds stuck to his trouser legs. What's the big deal? Ouyang Chun's words immediately let the people not by a startled hurriedly ask a way. Ouyang Chun said that Bao Zheng and Di Qing were put in prison and Zhan Zhao was taken away. The crowd was full of doubts. It seems that the show cat is in trouble. Brother, since the cat is in trouble, how can we mice stand by!? We must take care of this matter to the end. "Bai Yutang was the first to say, and he stood up.". At this time, Zhang Wen came down, not only Zhang Wen, but also Princess Anning and Mo Xiaoxue. Zhang Wen put a black dog on the ground, then took the princess's hand and gently helped her down. When Mo Xiaoxue saw Ouyang Chun rushing over, she hugged him and said, "I'm so tired.". If I hadn't seen this black dog as soon as I came out of the mountains, I would have run back to Kaifeng City. "I'm sorry I didn't count carefully last night, and you were busy all night." Princess Anning looked at the crowd with an apologetic face and said. The smile on her face was full of apology, but her face was even paler. The princess went to the black dog's side, stroked its head, said something to its ear, and then put an amulet on its head. Then he said to the crowd, "Follow it, and you will find the Spirit Fox Cave." The black dog walked and sniffed, and soon came to a willow tree. The dog barked at the willow tree. It seems that the spirit fox cave is here. Everybody gets out of the way, wait for a fox to come out, don't panic, but don't hurt them, after all, they are all living things. Anning held the black dog and handed it to Zhang Wen, then said to the crowd. As she spoke, she took out the yellow paper and just wanted to order some cinnabar, but found that the cinnabar had run out. She frowned, bit her finger, wrote a spell on the yellow paper, and then read: "Heaven and earth, lend me magic power." With a flick, the yellow amulet on his finger stuck to the willow tree. In an instant, I heard a very frightening sound, like a mouse screaming,Flush valve price, swishing a few times, and a few agile figures came out from under the willow tree. Bai Yutang saw that dozens of foxes had come out of the willows. Some of the foxes were red all over and had several tails. It seemed that they were all fox demons. He couldn't help taking a sword to kill, but was stopped by the night. Don't hurt them. They are all innocent. Said the night.