I have an adventure house.

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After meeting the old woman, there was no problem with the elevator. It seemed that, as she said, the elevator

After meeting the old woman, there was no problem with the elevator. It seemed that, as she said, the elevator was now crowded with people, and people outside could not get in. Chapter 236 four new people. The last time the elevator opened was on the twelfth floor, right in the middle of the building. The game is over, but the 24th floor still doesn't appear. The silver-gray elevator door was facing the dark corridor, and Chen Ge stood inside and took out the leaflet of the Weird Talk Association. The first floor corresponds to the twenty-third floor, the second floor corresponds to the twenty-second floor, the whole building is odd floors, the twelfth floor is in the middle, there is no corresponding floor. After thinking about it for a long time, Chen Ge did not know whether he had succeeded or not: "Is it because the old man saw it?"? So it failed? Do you need to try again? Today is already Wednesday, the night is deep, a person stays in the elevator and looks at the dark corridor outside, Chen Ge also feels a little inappropriate. There is a number 24 on the display screen of the elevator, but there is no corresponding button on the control panel. Is this the mistake of the installation workers or intentional? Chen Ge was unwilling to leave and decided to go to the top floor to have a look in person. He pressed the button for the twenty-third floor, and the elevator began to ascend again. The numbers are constantly changing and never stop in the middle. 20、21、22……” Chen Ge looked at the display screen,Prison toilet for sale, and when the number changed from 22 to 23, he suddenly found that the elevator did not slow down as usual. The color of the numbers deepened, as if blood was oozing from the wound, a cold wind was blowing in the closed elevator car, and strange sounds were heard from time to time outside the elevator. Chen Ge stood in the corner, his body half arched, his fingertips gently touching the butcher's knife tied to his calf. About two seconds later,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, the elevator began to slow down, and the last number on the display screen lit up when the elevator came to a complete stop. 24!” The silver-gray elevator door opened to both sides, with a few strands of blood sticking in the middle, and a strong odor poured in from the outside. Covering his mouth and nose, Chen Ge was very familiar with the smell. He had smelled a similar smell in Wang Shenglong's room in Haiming's apartment and on the first floor of the third sick building. The smell seems to be peculiar to the monster on the other side of the door! The elevator door opened completely, the cold wind blew in the empty car, and Chen Ge looked out at the almost completely dark corridor with a flicker of hesitation in his eyes. He did not go out directly, first set the mobile phone one-button dialing to Gu Feiyu's phone, which is more than a process than the alarm, but can effectively prevent the police officers from revealing their existence. After setting up, Chen Ge took out another thing from his pocket. Before he came, he was also considering whether he should take it out of the haunted house. There is a requirement in the leaflet that all members of the association must not disclose information to each other, so they must wear masks. There are many faces in Chen Ge's ghost house, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but there is only one that is the most comfortable to wear-the face of the skull breaker. Wearing it, I feel like I can fit in more easily with this psychopath group. It was somewhat unnatural to wear a mask of human skin outside a haunted house for the first time, but now I can't think about the details. Out of the elevator, Chen Ge looked back, there were some blood stains and incomplete bloody handprints on the walls on both sides of the elevator door, as if someone struggled to climb to the side of the elevator, and then was cruelly caught back. The silver-gray elevator door closed slowly, and the elevator went down and never came up again. How do I get out of here? There must be a road before the car reaches the mountain, and Chen Ge can only comfort himself like this now. He checked his things and walked towards the corridor. In the middle of the elevator, he could hear someone screaming outside, but when he came out, Chen Ge found that it was quiet all around. The security doors on both sides were all locked, and there was no sound coming from the room. It feels like there are no living people on this floor. Walking on, the light became dimmer and more and more blood stains began to appear on the walls. Is the Weird Talk Association in one of the rooms? Chen Ge walked forward about ten meters away and suddenly saw a security door open in front of him. Carefully approaching the iron gate, he was about to look inside when a man in a beak mask suddenly came out of it. The two sides face to face, Chen Ge stopped, but the beak man was frightened to step back. Chen Ge did not speak first, in this completely unfamiliar environment, the more he said, the more dangerous it might be. Both of them were silent, and after a few breaths, the beak man asked doubtfully, "Newcomer?" "Yes." Chen Ge changed his voice to make it sound more hoarse and deep. There are already three new people here today. How can there be a fourth? "How did you find this place?" The beak man said in front of Chen Ge. Chen Ge handed the leaflet of the Weird Talk Association to the beak man, who took one look and became even more confused: "It's the leaflet we sent out, but how did four people come this time?" He walked up to Chen Ge, looked up and down, and the long beak almost touched Chen Ge's face. I can't smell a strange smell. The beak man closed the security door next to him and said, not too sure: "You come with me." Chen Ge hung his head and followed him. His eyelids jumped gently. Just now, at the moment when the beak man turned to close the door, he glanced into the room. There were several wooden boxes in the dark room, one of which had not yet been sealed, half of the arm was stuck in the gap, and a circular wound could be seen in the center of the palm, as if it had been pecked through by a bird's beak. Following the beak man, they came to the end of the corridor. Go in. He pointed to a door in the deepest part of the corridor and said to Chen Ge. OK Chen Ge did not talk nonsense, opened the door and paused for a second or two, after making sure that there was no danger at the door, he went straight in. Step by step, when Chen Ge saw the scene in the room, he took a breath. The room was much larger than he had expected, and there was an extended dining table in the living room,stainless steel toilet, with five men in faceless masks and black robes sitting on each side, and three men in civilian clothes standing at the table, not seated. cnkexin.com