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Orc Forcible Female

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It turned out to be fruit. The color is really beautiful. It looks very delicious. The red jujube smashed his mouth

It turned out to be fruit. The color is really beautiful. It looks very delicious. The red jujube smashed his mouth, looked up at the fruit climbing the tree, and jumped to the front of the pregnant fruit tree. Perhaps for the convenience of female picking, pregnant fruit trees are different from the general trees here, the whole tree is only five meters high, the fruit trees are luxuriant, a few bright red fruits dotted in a thick green, particularly conspicuous. The bright red fruit hung heavily on the treetop, bending several branches with fruit, knowing at a glance that the water was sufficient, and the dry jujube swallowed saliva. The low-growing fruit is only two meters, but it can't be picked by a mermaid lying on the ground. Jujube reached out to explore, can not reach, and then look at the fruit, has been hidden in the leaves, do not know where to climb. Jujube looked at his tail, exhaled a foul breath, and slowly turned into a human form. The red-haired beauty under the pregnant fruit tree stood up shakily, some slender ankles trembling slightly, so that he had to hold the pregnant fruit tree to keep his balance, and then step by step towards the red fruit. Good sweet ~ ~ "The red jujube was intoxicated to inhale, toward the fruit a bite,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, then surprised to open his eyes." It's so sweet! The abundant juice melts in the mouth in an instant, overflowing with fragrance. The sweet but not greasy juice slid down the throat, and the lungs were refreshed. Jujube! What are you eating? As soon as Shuguo got off the tree, he saw the mermaid stretching her neck and nibbling the pregnant fruit on the branch. She was so frightened that she ran anxiously with a bird's nest in her arms. Before the voice fell, she had already arrived at the jujube lying on the tree. Ah? I'm eating fruit. The red jujube puffed out his cheeks and slurred his speech. "It's really delicious. Guoguo, you also eat one." The red jujube nibbled at the fruit and picked a red pregnant fruit and handed it to the fruit. "Uh.." There was a moment of distortion on Guoguo's face, and the next second he covered it up very well. Eat, Guoguo. The red dates were nibbled, the corners of their mouths were stained with some transparent red juice,stainless steel shower tray, and then they were greedily licked off by him. Guoguo pondered his words and said as tactfully as possible: "Er, jujube, this is not what we eat." "Why?" "Because, because.." Fruit fruit is a little embarrassed, crustily skin of head speaks very quickly tunnel: "Because this is the female is pregnant with the baby to eat." "Poof!"! Cough, cough! The red jujube spurted out a mouthful of pregnant fruit chewed into puree, and his throat was choked by the pulp, which made him cough constantly. Jujube, are you all right? Guoguo hurriedly patted the back of the mermaid and helped him with his hands and feet in a panic. Cough, cough, you, cough, this is just like the cloud algae in our blue water? What the females eat when they're married? The red jujube's face twisted. Yeah, it's called the pregnant fruit, and every female who has a baby will find it to eat. Guoguo said innocently. Because the spirit snake has many generations of inheritance memory, Time Delay Tap ,stainless steel squatting pan, so the spirit snakes who get the inheritance memory are well-informed, of course, the cloud algae fruit that jujube said knows. Apart from its different taste and shape, its efficacy is almost the same as that of pregnant fruit, which has the effect of aphrodisiac pregnancy. The red jujube was dull for a few seconds, and then the egg took a bite of the pregnant fruit and pretended to say casually, "Isn't it just a fruit?"? I'm not a female, so it doesn't matter if I eat it. Anyway, there won't be a female here to pick it. It's a waste not to eat such a rare thing. "Ah." Fruit fruit is stupefied, immediately obedient way: "Hum, you like good, want to eat to eat." "Then you eat too." The jujube said maliciously. I won't eat it. Guoguo is resolute. Eat. "No." The dividing line where the pregnant fruit is eliminated in the quarrel. Eating a belly of pregnant fruit jujube is very irritable, I do not know if it is his illusion or psychological problems, he always feels that there is something wrong with the body, after all, this is a female pregnant to eat, he ate a male really no problem? The answer, of course, is no problem! Jujube is the verdict. Guoguo gathered around the jujube, his limbs were wrapped around the jujube, and his nose sucked, as if he were smelling something. What do you smell? Jujube asked, raised his arm and smelled it, but it didn't smell. You smell good. As soon as the red jujube face is hot, pushes open the fruit fruit's head to say ferociously: "You are just fragrant." Guoguo did not care about each other's attitude, and the monkey stuck to the mermaid in a hurry. Guoguo had been feeling unusually hot and dry recently, but now he smelled the fresh fragrance of the mermaid, just like pouring a barrel of fuel oil on the dry wood fire, and the red dates in his arms were the kindling that was about to ignite him, and every move was a great temptation to him. Guoguo suddenly woke up and knew that he was in estrus again, but this time he had red dates, which made him even more unbearable. "Oh!" Jujube suddenly rolled up his body and hummed with his hands covering his stomach. What happened to you Guoguo immediately sent the mermaid away and looked at him with concern, with a little heat in his eyes that was hard to dissipate. Belly The stomach has long been wrong, first fever, jujube still feel quite comfortable, who knows the stomach heat is getting stronger and stronger, gradually turned into a needle-like burning sensation, like a fire roasting his abdomen. The jujube endured for a long time before it let out a groan of pain from its mouth. Jujube! Guoguo broke off the red jujube's face and was startled at once. The mermaid's cheeks, which had always been white and red, were pale at this time, and her forehead was covered with sweat. Guoguo immediately woke up, holding the jujube and asked in a panic, "What's wrong with you, jujube?"? Did you eat the wrong thing? Did you eat something else? "No, nothing. I didn't eat anything when I came back. I only ate a dozen pregnant fruits today." The jujube rolled itself into a circle, as if it would relieve some of the pain. No, I saw you packed a few pregnant fruits and came back to eat them. Did you eat too many fruits? Guoguo corrected. Red dates "Oh!" Red dates sobbed. In fact, the pain is not very intense, but the burning pain is concentrated in the most sensitive part of the abdomen, the slightest pain is clearly conveyed to the brain,Stainless Steel Toilet China, people can not ignore, the pain seems to be magnified. The mermaid on the ground curled up in pain, and Guoguo hugged him with heartache.