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She is lonelier than fireworks.

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"Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to add a warband." He yelled. "Thank you today, Shou Lin." I say. He looked

"Ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to add a warband." He yelled. "Thank you today, Shou Lin." I say. He looked at me and didn't make a sound. "Call me out again when you're free." I whispered. He didn't answer. When the car arrived, he took us to the door, said goodbye and left. "Yang Shoulin is really a good person." "Stuffy." "Then marry Shi Qi, do you dare?" The editor glared at me. "What did you ask?" "I don't have a chance to speak at all, what about you?" I shook my head and said sadly, "People have forgotten Yao Jing." ” wwW、 Chapter VIII (Small/Speaking/T/xt| Day | Hall) "Who said no, let your big news, in a hundred days will not be remembered, people are really strange animals." 」 "No, I still have to get the news out of Zhang Xu's mouth." "Forget it, don't be dead-hearted, the two of them have no children, as soon as Yao Jing goes, the relationship between the two will be terminated." No wonder women want to have children, people die and leave their names, geese leave their voices, the child has her blood, even if they have revenge, how to shake off can not be thrown off, men no matter how cruel and thin-hearted, they are helpless, it is the late mother to mean the children of the predecessors! Unexpectedly, I discovered more and more truths. The choreographer said,Manual Flush Valve, "We were asked to go to the ballet, you know?" ” Is that Jolin herself the heroine? Of course not, the team of foreigners, she is a dragon set at best, if you play Swan Lake, she is one of the birds, if you play Giselle, then she is one of the ghosts. Rao is like this, and he also distributes tickets indiscriminately, so it can be seen that this kind of performance is full of seats,Service Sink Faucets, which is not unreasonable. "I don't want to go, I don't have to appreciate, tiptoe dancing is just an acrobatic for me." The editor laughed. "No wonder Mrs. Zhang said you were unruly." "What did she say?" I raised an eyebrow. "She said that women who love to eat tartar steak are not bound." "Ha!" I crossed my hands around my waist. "She likes to control people, don't you think?" "Don't talk about her, old witch, now you should understand why Yao Jing will never go to New York." "No wonder she's going to give you the money, she doesn't have anyone around her who deserves it." "Yes, Liu Xia." I said, "She's a good person. ” "Liu Xia refused to accept it." "What's worth it for me?" I asked. "You helped her." "Does that count?" I smiled bitterly. "For a lonely person, she will remember the slightest bit of strength." I lowered my head, thought for a long time, and finally asked, "What are you wearing to see the ballet?" ” "Narrow spring sackcloth coat, white gloves, pinch a leather handbag, wear high heels." I said I didn't have that kind of line, "Don't go." ” "I only have one outfit for a guest, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, which I wore today and can't wear anymore." The editor sister was very cunning, "You pushed it for me." ” That's just the way it is.I don't know anything about classical music and dance, this is my blind spot, it is very inferior, but Shou Lin said that if I am willing to dress very well and sit patiently for three hours, no one can see that I am a layman. I'm very emotional. When I first left with Shou Lin, I also pretended to be a lady, with my head slightly raised, with a subtle smile, not saying three sentences a night, often accompanying him to listen to music and watching dramas, and then breaking out of the birds, gradually escaping, finding all kinds of excuses, in order to lie at home and read martial arts novels, the free and loose nature was exposed, and it was out of control. This is the most difficult level for me and Shou Lin to overcome, the personality is not coordinated, he is little Bourgeois, I am little Bohemian. I haven't been to the concert hall for a long, long time. It is conceivable that Yao Jing first met Zhang Xu, and also had a fresh feeling, she thought that investing in a new life is like investing in a new role, and she can get used to it at once and try the lifestyle of different levels of class. Because she forgot that there was a break in acting, the lights went out and went to work, and being a person, doing it every day, and lacking a famous director to direct what she should do, suddenly chaotic, she failed. If I decide to go with Shou lin, I will suffer the same pain. - You have to be a housewife, raise two sons and a daughter or more, clean up the house, command the servant driver... It's not bad, it's just that my novel, which hasn't started yet. Just give up? Maybe you can become famous, maybe you can win awards, too unwilling. Shou Lin asked, "What are you thinking?" The soul seemed to be ten thousand kilometers away. ” I grudgingly smiled, "Oh yes, I'm sorry. ” "You have all the disadvantages of an artist, but you don't have the talent of an artist." He laughed at me. I think about it: "I have the temperament of an artist. ” "Yes, the soul does not keep it." Will such jokes after marriage be unacceptable? It will always be harsh as the days go by. Mrs. Zhang is really beautiful at night. The old woman wearing emeralds and pearls was particularly beautiful, and she sat there, as solemn as an empress, and her relatives and friends around her became her retinue. Yao Jing herself is also an empress, a movie queen. The spark of friction between the two mothers-in-law and daughter-in-law can be imagined. I asked Shou Lin, "This is the 'walnut pod.'" "Fortunately, there are only a few plays that come and go." Who is Jollyn playing? ” Shou Lin said, "Shhh." ” Everyone's neck seemed to be stiff, and they looked intently at the stage. This is cultivation and upbringing. My ideal life is not like this, I always want to sail to the Caribbean with the Marine Biologist of the National Geographic Society to study the rare local jellyfish, while writing the logbook, the skin is tanned, the eyes are stained with the twinkle of the sun, drinking wine on the starry night,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, lying on the deck and dreaming softly and wet. So why not dedicate yourself to this kind of life? Because I have to make plans for my old age, if I don't work hard, how can the boss have a home? I had to catch Yang Shoulin when I was a teenager... "Applause." Shou Lin said softly.