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Pai Pai Novels Through Yanfu Gaozhao-Romance Novels-Romance BarPai Pai Novels Through Yanfu Gaozhao-Romance Novels-Romance Bar

"Oh, you said that in the middle of the night, what are you doing walking around here with torches?" I put my hands together and shook my feet, like a big ruffian. Come on, let's go back. When He Fugui spoke, a group of people slowly moved back. Hum! I stood on tiptoe and fell behind them, and they retreated. Ask you a question? I restrained my playful expression and raised my voice. We One of them shook his hand so badly that he was pushed from behind and the torch fell to the ground. A group of people moved back cautiously, their eyes staring at me. I took a step forward, "I said.." "Don't come over!" The crowd waved torches. Bang- "" "Ouch-" "Why don't you watch it?" He Fugui thumped the nearest man. I said you're going to hit a tree if you retreat again. I picked up the fallen torch and stuck it in the ground. "It's wrong to play with fire." Glancing coldly at them in a panic, "Playing with fire has a price to pay." Volume 1 Chapter 152: Real Cowherd and Weaver Girl 10 Chapter 152: Real Cowherd and Weaver Girl 10 He Fugui felt the scar on his face and roared: "You waste, take me out quickly. You are not like this when you collect money." "Ah-" a man rushed out with a torch. The man was kicked to the ground by me, the torch was deeply inserted into the soil, and the man covered his chest and retreated. Go, you go together! He Fugui roared insolently. The rest of the people you look at me, I look at you, stupefied for a moment,Gear Reduction Motor, slowly holding torches rushed over together. Ten percent of the skill will not make them lack arms and legs, but it can also make them choke. They all slowly climbed to He Fugui's side, while I picked up torches and inserted them into the ground, surrounding them in a circle. In the light of the fire, they were very embarrassed, very embarrassed. He Fugui,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the tree you are close to is very big and tall. He Fugui looked up and looked at me warily. Take off your clothes and your belts. It's easy for me to say. They looked at each other and looked at me in puzzlement. I'm not very patient, and I won't say it twice. I broke my fingers and clattered. The crowd quickly untied their belts and stripped off their coats, as their hands reached for their pants. "Stop-" I approached step by step, and they retreated bit by bit. When I cast my shadow on their faces and held out my right hand, "What do you want to do to us?" Everyone covered their chests almost at the same time. Hey hey, rape first and then kill. I rubbed my hands and laughed. Ah- "everyone screamed." That's impossible! I extinguished my smile and raised my voice. Oh- "everyone breathed a sigh of relief.". What! Let me touch your face. Is it so ugly? Whew! Stop them, tie one end of the belt to their hand, throw the other end up and tie it to the tree. Ha! Clap your hands, it's done! "Oh.." In addition, Miao Huahua on the tree also laughed out loud. My spirits were so high that I pulled out the charm sword from my boots. Pull out your sword and brush it. The sword flashed and the white cloth flew. Completely modern panties are out! "Ah.." Miao Huahua screamed, her center of gravity was unstable, and she fell down the tree. I accepted my fate and flew over to catch her. When she stood still, brushless gear motor ,24v Gear Motor, she covered her eyes. "They, they.." She pulled her hand over her eyes and fixed her head. "Flowers, look at me. Do you hate them?" Miao Huahua gritted her teeth and nodded. How about the sister turning them into eunuchs? Out of the corner of his eye, he turned to the tree, and everyone shook his head like a rattle. Miao Huahua thought a little and shook her head. I want to die with him, "Miao Huahua pointed to the river." "Flowers, such a person's death is not enough, but you, in the mood for love, to be strong to live ah!"! In my sister's hometown, men and women are equal, and chastity does not affect life. It's easy to die, but it takes courage to live. Flower, sister, I believe you are a brave child. Be strong and live, okay? Why does my heart ache? Sister, you are not ugly, you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. ” Looking at Miao Huahua's smiling face and hearing these words, I feel very gratified that she should be all right! The flower is good, go back to sleep, tomorrow is a sunny day. I sent Miao Huahua back to the house and waited for her to sleep. I returned to the river and hung He Guang from the tree. Having done this, I leaned on the tree and went to sleep sweetly. Tomorrow, the fun begins! Volume 1 Chapter 153: Real Cowherd and Weaver Girl 11 Chapter 153: Real Cowherd and Weaver Girl 11 "Look at them." "Hey!"! The world is changing, the world is changing.. …… Girl, girl, why are you sleeping here? Why don't you go back? "Hm?" It took a lot of effort to open his eyes to see the man clearly. "Ah Sang!" "Girl, they are." Zhou Shou blushed a little. I made light of it. "Last night they tried to set fire to the village and I caught them." "The girl saved us again!" Zhou Shou's eyes are full of worship. I jumped down from the tree and untied their cave. You ugly woman, you will die a terrible death, you. Ah It hurts Ah It hurts I dragged He Fugui's leg hair one after another, so thick leg hair is ugly! I let you scold me, let you scold me, hum! "Ah.." It hurts Ah You are a fairy, I will die a terrible death, ah. It hurts Spare my life. The crowd burst into laughter. I looked at He Fugui. What I was pulling now was clearly He Guang's leg hair. Why was he still screaming. He Fugui opened his eyes, closed his mouth, hung tears, and looked at me bitterly. The look was so familiar. Yes,gear reduction motor, he was angry. What am I doing? Bullying? What's the difference between me now and yesterday's He Fugui? I stopped the movement in my hand and came to Zhou Shou's side. "Ah Shou, come here!" "Yes, I know." Zhou Shou walked away with a smile on his face.