Wolong gives birth to wind and rain and the return of swallows

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Wolong gives birth to wind and rain and the return of swallowsWolong gives birth to wind and rain and the return of swallows

Li Canglan slowly stepped back two steps, did not say more, three-handed Raksha Peng Xiuwei, although people are ugly, but to the Tsing Yi woman is very loyal, since Li Canglan waited until the cave, she has been intentionally or unintentionally blocked in front of the Tsing Yi woman. If someone hit the hidden weapon from outside the cave and attacked the woman in Tsing Yi, no matter from any angle, the three-handed Raksha could block the hidden weapon for her in a very quick moment. Li Canglan stood leaning against the wall, waiting for a long meal. The beautiful girl in Tsing Yi opened her eyes again, stood up slowly, smiled and said, "Old Hero Li." Li Canglan folded his fists and said, "Miss Zhu, how are you?" This beautiful girl in Tsing Yi is the most respected Zhu Ruolan in Li Canglan's life. Zhu Ruolan leaned forward and said with a smile, "Don't be too polite, old hero. If you have something to say, just say it." Li Canglan secretly said in his heart, "You crane summoned me to come here. Why do you want to ask me instead?". "Have you heard about Tao Yu's coming out of Jianghu?" He said. "I've heard," said Zhu Ruolan, "that Tao Yu ran amuck and captured your son-in-law and Miss Zhao.." Li Canglan said, "That's why the old man came out again." "The old hero has already fought with Tao Yu," said Zhu Ruolan. "Yes,micro gear motor," said Li Canglan. "How about his martial arts?" Asked Zhu Ruolan. Li Canglan said, "As far as entering the country is concerned, in the past few years, he has reached the state of perfection, but the old man is confident that he can fight a life-and-death battle with him." Zhu Ruolan smiled and said, "Do you know where your son-in-law is now?" Li Canglan said, "Tao Yu has a deep hatred for his son-in-law in his heart. He wants to take his son-in-law to Baizhang Peak and prepare to summon all the heroes in the world to be executed face to face.." "They told me all this," said Zhu Ruolan. As soon as he swept away the Jade Xiao Fairy,Small Geared Motors, he said, "But I don't know what the old hero Li's intentions are." Li Canglan said, "Although the old man is not afraid of Tao Yu, he knows that it is very difficult to force him to submit, so he has high hopes for the girl." "What about the Nine Schools?" Asked Zhu Zhulan. Li Canglan said, "We are United in our angry denunciation. At present, all the major sects have sent experts to track down Tao Yu." "The younger generation knows," said Zhu Ruolan. She turned her eyes to Hua'e and said, "Have you been following Zhao Xiaodie?" Hua'e leaned over and said, "The maidservant has been following Miss Zhao." "What has she been doing all these years?" Asked Zhu Ruolan. Hua'e was in a daze and said, "All these years, the girl has been wandering in Jianghu. She has no fixed address and no fixed residence." Zhu Ruolan sighed softly and said, "But you pretend to be an affectionate fairy. With your martial arts, you make a lot of trouble in Jianghu, don't you?" Hua'e didn't seem to have expected that when Zhu Ruolan asked about it later, she was so straightforward that she couldn't think of an appropriate answer for a moment and stayed there. Zhu Ruolan answered, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, "What a fairyland it is in the Valley of Flowers, where thousands of flowers are competing for beauty. She refuses to settle down. She drifts around the rivers and lakes all the year round, making waves. Alas!"! You are her maidservants. Why don't you persuade her? "The girl has a very bad temper," said Hua'e. "The maidservants dare not say much." With a faint smile, Zhu Ruolan ignored Hua'e and turned her eyes to Li Canglan. "What do you think of saving your son-in-law?" She asked. Li Canglan said, "The old man is going to fight with them and force him to hand over his son-in-law." Zhu Ruolan said, "Is the elder confident that he can beat Tao Yu?" Li Canglan said, "Although the old man is not sure of victory, I believe he will not be defeated." "There are too few opportunities," said Zhu Ruolan. "As far as the younger generation knows, most of the martial arts recorded in the'Gui yuan Mi Ji 'are exquisite learning. Even the internal skills have a quick method. Although the elder generation was born with great talent, I'm afraid it's not easy to subdue Tao Yu. Besides, he may not be willing to fight with the elder generation for life and death." "What do you think, Miss?" Asked Li Canglan. "The younger generation doesn't know the whole story yet, and they haven't made up their minds," said Zhu Ruolan. Li Canglan said, "Miss Yuxiao has already written to the girl after the experience. There is no difference in general.". ” Zhu Ruolan said, "Now your son-in-law and Miss Zhao are both in the hands of Tao Yu. If the younger generation has a good expectation, he may have been prepared. As long as we push him too hard, your son-in-law and Miss Zhao will be very good hostages for him. If he threatens your son-in-law with life and death, what good plan does the elder have to save his son-in-law?" "This, this.." said Li Canglan. "At that time," said Zhu Ruolan, "it was like forcing the old-timers to tie their hands. I don't know how the old-timers would deal with it." "At this age," said Li Canglan, "it's hard for an old man to live long. As long as he can save his son-in-law, the old man will die without regret." "He won't really let your son-in-law go," said Zhu Ruolan. Suddenly, he walked to the edge of the cliff and stood against the wind, looking at the sky in a trance, his clothes fluttering in the wind, looking like a Lingbo fairy. The Jade Xiao Fairy knew that Zhu Ruolan was thinking hard about a good plan. She was afraid that Li Canglan would disturb her. She immediately said in a low voice, "The girl is thinking about a good plan.." Li Canglan nodded and said, "The old man will never disturb her." Not knowing how much time had passed, Zhu Ruolan suddenly turned around and said, "Where is your daughter?" "She serves her parents-in-law and lives in a very secluded place," said Li Canglan. "Can't you find Tao Yu?" Asked Zhu Ruolan. "I can't find it," said Li Canglan. Zhu Ruolan heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I hope so." With a slight pause in his voice, he added, "What you see now is the floating power of Tao Yu. He chose the top of Baizhang Peak. I'm afraid it's not for no reason. Before we do it, we must find out how much strength Tao Yu has, and then we can solve it fundamentally." Li Canglan said, "What the girl said is that if you don't uproot the weeds, the spring breeze will blow again." "According to the younger generation," said Zhu Ruolan, "Yang Menghuan and Shen Xialin are not likely to die early. Even if they encounter some dangerous things, their lives will not be in danger. Please rest assured." Li Canglan said: "The same sentence, from the mouth of the girl, makes people more confident." "That's a compliment.." said Zhu Ruolan. With a slight pause in his voice,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, he added, "What do you think of the nine sects?" Li Canglan said, "All factions are shocked and unanimously denounce it." 。 ichgearmotor.com