Fall in love with him

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Fall in love with himFall in love with himFall in love with himFall in love with himFall in love with himFall in love with him

"A new round of dance contest is about to begin.." The winner will have a chance to win a new Dell XPS laptop.. Eh? What's so noisy.. I couldn't help but prick my ears and listen carefully. Whether it's hip-hop, mechanical dance, classical dance.. Anyone who can dance can sign up and give prizes on the spot. "Dance contest?" It seems that the ears of the feather family are also very good! "It seems to be fun." Ye Zhu looked around, "where is it." Sharp-eyed Ling Jueqi suddenly pointed to a Shang Dynasty gate not far away, "there are a lot of people around." Ha ha, as expected is the sister of one mind, Ling Jue Qi voice just fell, the three of us as if the heart is a little bit of communication, they moved their feet to squeeze into the crowd. As soon as he took a glance at Yiyu's family, he had no choice but to follow him. Wow, a lovely HELLOKITTU pillow. He and Ye Zhu sighed in unison with love in their eyes. That's just an encouragement award. Standing behind me, Yiyu, who was obviously a head taller than me, looked at the stage and said. As long as you attend, you can get it. Sure enough, he and Ye Zhu were very moved and looked at me from head to foot with a malicious color. Staring at them for a long time, I swallowed my saliva subconsciously and shook my head, "Don't think about it." When they were about to attack me from left to right, a confident voice sounded from my right rear, "I'm up." Ha ha, Ling Jueqi is not too annoying, thank you. Can you dance? He looked at him with adoration and infinite expectation in his eyes. Of course, I'm going to sign up. Ling Jueqi smiled calmly and began to squeeze to the front of the stage. Why didn't I know this kid could dance? Yi Yu's hands were around his chest, and the corners of his mouth gently raised a playful smile. He Can't you jump? He began to get nervous and asked cautiously. He shrugged his shoulders and looked ahead in his spare time. "I don't know. Maybe he still has a hand." It better be! Otherwise, if I make a fool of myself, I will be the first to hide in the hole! God bless, don't lose face,liquid bottle filling machine, don't lose face, it's better that Ling Jueqi is not talking big! "Hey.." It seems that I can't attend. Very not easy to squeeze half a day to come back Ling Jue Qi stall expressed helplessness, "the supporter said to hand in a song tape." "Ah.." What a pity. He lowered his head in disappointment and frustration. Yes Ye Zhu also sighed, slightly pursed his mouth, looked at the stage enviously, and swept me impartially out of the corner of his eye. Ye Zhu, why are you staring at me again as if there is a conspiracy? My hair is about to stand up! Hey, hey, hey, what are you going to do now? What are you going to say furtively. Before I could react, two people smiled and hugged one of my arms, one left and one right. Volume 1 Super Perfect Warming Journey Section 29 Dazzling Dance PK (2) "What for?"? Robbing money or robbing sex. Suddenly I realized the intentions of the two of them, and I couldn't help sweating all over. In fact, CSD filling line ,water filling machine, now I would rather be robbed of money and sex by them. "Little love, you always know us very well, then we want you to help a little, you should also know what it is, ha ha ha." Come on, Ye Zhu, why do you always smirk like a witch? Is there anyone who treats his good friend like this?! Of course I know what you're thinking. But I refuse! Stare hard, huh! Have a murderous look in your eyes, and you'd better scare these two guys off. Whoo, but how could the ethereal and leaf bamboo, who know me very, very well, be scared off? In the words of the two of them, I am a "paper tiger"! "Are you kidding? You're a mobile MP3 player. It's rare to have a place to play. How can you not show it?" Ye Zhu's face did not change, but he grabbed my arm harder and motioned with his eyes. Gee, can you ask again if it's okay to sing on the spot as a soundtrack? Putting on the appearance of a little woman, she blinked her eyes and suddenly discharged to Ling Jueqi. "All right, hurry up, watch these girls." Ling Jueqi, who had ignored my miserable gnashing of teeth, had already taken another step to push forward. Mobile phone login: Whoo, I don't want to sing, if I am seen, I will die here. "It seems that the contract has convinced them." I don't know how long it took, but he leaned over and chuckled in my ear. "It seems that you have to sing." I don't need you to tell me. Well, even if I want to sing, I have to squat under the stage to sing. Anyway, I can't be seen. All right, my'good 'sisters, I agree to sing, can let go of it. I remember this account, next time I will find a chance to get it back from you! "That is, wouldn't it be better to agree a little more?"? My hands hurt when I scratch you. Dizzy, still have the face to complain unexpectedly, who is more miserable after all, it is me that is driven by the duck on the shelf inexplicably! "Well, they agreed, so I signed up by the way." With some embarrassment, Ling Jueqi took his hand and pushed forward with a red face. Keep up. With a wave of his hand, Ye Zhu began to squat down and "shuttle" through the crowd with almost "crawling" movements. " What are you talking about? Let's go. Seeing that I had not moved for a long time, Yiyu sighed helplessly, gently pulled up my sleeve and led me to the front stage. It turns out that there are really so many people taking part in this activity. How many performances are there? We waited here for a long time, but it was not Ling's turn. We can see how many boys came to participate in this activity in order to make their girlfriends happy! But it's really pretty, and I'm dazzled by the variety of dances. Next-Ling Jueqi. Yo,liquid bottle filling machine, the host began to announce the number, and I saw that the eyes of the ethereal next to him were already shining brilliantly. Xiao Lian, this is for you. Ye Zhu did not know where to take a microphone and pressed me behind the stage like a turnip. "Hide below and don't move. I'll block it for you." 。 gzxilinear.com