Jinjiang gold medal recommended VIP 2018-12 [comprehensive animation fan] "After retirement, live broadcast of Ben

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Jinjiang gold medal recommended VIP 2018-12 [comprehensive animation fan] "After retirement, live broadcast of Ben Maru's retirement life is not beautiful" author: or crisp skin.

"Huh?"? Well, that's not yet.. Why don't you make do with it? I have prepared the proportion and soaked it in boiling water. Xiaohua was a little embarrassed. She had seen half-star tea seeds for sale on Wanwu before, and one bag would cost 840 yuan. Of course, she can afford the 840 yuan now, but the growth cycle of tea is too long, it takes a month to grow up, and now there are so few fields, it's better to plant some profits quickly. Yes, the master's flower tea is very good. On the third day, the moon sat on the sofa not far away, holding a teacup to help. "Well.." The song fairy is holding the tea bag on the hand, "the master is really fierce." Ge Xian Jian Ding's voice is a little low, he is. There seems to be no place to use it? "Well, the tetrarch is very powerful, the whole pill is built by the tetrarch himself." Saya said to Gexian, not knowing whether this was a comfort or a blow. Tai Dao in the distance was stunned when he heard Saya's words, but he soon calmed down and smiled at Jin Jian. Gexian made tea, and Xiaohua saw that the cake roll was almost ready to be cut. She picked up the knife and cut it, and the blades of Awataguchi's family came back. General So you are here. Really, there was no one in the canteen just now. Yao Yan took a group of brothers into the door one after another. Master, we picked up a lot of walnuts on the mountain, all brought back, "Bodo holding a pile of walnuts rushed to the side of the floret,ultrasonic dispersion machine, holding the walnuts to the floret" offering treasure "," so many walnuts can sell how many small sentences.. " Xiaohua is cutting the cake, looking at the walnuts that Bodo holds in front of him, his eyes brighten, just as there is a lot of lard left in the refrigerator, you can make a snack! Peach cake. Peach cake is a traditional Chinese snack, a bit like a biscuit, which is not only simple but also easy to carry. This not only solves the problem of "mountains" of walnuts in the refrigerator,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, but also allows everyone to carry with them to pad their stomachs, after all, expeditions are physical work. When it comes to these mountain produce now, mushrooms and bamboo shoots are the fastest to consume, and these two are now basically a meal to see; mint, chamomile, rosemary these three are also slowly consumed, tea to use, sometimes cooking also put some; only this walnut, has not been touched, all the walnuts in the refrigerator may add up to several baskets full. The author has something to say: So, about the question that this sword is called Lord Mitsuyuki, that's what Hanamaru officials call it. (Probably because in the Heianjing era, when the younger brother respectfully called the elder brother, he would call the adult?) There is also the question of "Today's Sword is made first, so it is the elder brother". I referred to Awataguchi's family, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, but I didn't find the specific forging year OTZ. Is the first issue of Yizhen made first? My understanding is that Awataguchi Yoshimitsu made a lot of Dao. Later, when he made this Taidao, he would give it the name of "One Dao, One Dao", which means "one Dao for a lifetime". If the first period was made after the Dao was made, then the small Dao people still call him brother, which means that it is not arranged according to the forging time. Chapter 28, step 27. Before the Tianshou Pavilion was built, Xiaohua had not thought about what to do. After the Tianshou Pavilion was built, she first made the Mitarai dumplings. Later, when she was busier, she completely forgot about the walnuts. Well, thank you, Bodo. I need it. I'll bake cookies for you tomorrow. Go wash your hands quickly. Gexian has made tea. Let's eat some snacks first. Dinner will be late. Divide the cut cake rolls into small plates, put the cake fork on them, and bring them to the tea table. The golden sponge cake crust is rolled with rich cream, and the pure white cream is filled with bright red fresh strawberries, which makes people feel appetizing just looking at it. Nanman's dim sum looks completely different from that of the Muromachi period. When he got his share, Gexian tried it. It was the first time he had eaten since he had a human body. "Well, the taste." It's really elegant! "Well, it really lives up to expectations. This ingredient called cream is really good." Eat a mouthful of your own cake, and then drink a mouthful of tea, three days and months also evaluate. "Not only that, master, this cake is a lot of eggs and sugar, right?" Well, the fruit in the cream is also the finishing touch. Without strawberries, the whole cake will taste very greasy. It's a genius way to do it. Why did you suddenly start the flattery mode? It's just an ordinary cake roll, and the little flower is a little embarrassed. It's okay. This sponge cake is the simplest. The most difficult way of baking snacks from the West is macarons. The success rate is very low. It used to be called the watershed between amateurs and professionals. Well, try it when you are free later? After all, the simplest sponge cake embryo is nothing more than three kinds of eggs, flour and sugar, and then cream and all kinds of fruits can be piled up on it. The method is really simple. When Xiaohua was a child, there was a traditional pastry shop near her home. She often saw the master baking cakes. Without any technical content, she poured a whole bag of flour into a basin filled with eggs. After watching it several times, she learned it naturally. Later, I tried it twice and succeeded. This kind of dim sum can be worth a lot of small sentences! Bodo also murmured aside, which was probably his high opinion. Yummy! Strawberries and cream are great. The lively nature of the cattail also because of the delicious cake to eliminate the new arrival of the formality. Not only the dim sum, but also the dishes cooked by the general are super delicious. Yao Yan continued to recommend Xiaohua's specialty, then turned his head and accosted Qingguang, "Right?"? Qingguang, who has eaten the most dishes cooked by a general. “……” Qingguang covered his face and recalled the fear of being dominated by spicy beef instant noodles and hot pot seasoning when he first came. Western-style snacks rich in sugar, cream and fruit go well with herbal tea, and a whole roll of cake is wiped out amid laughter and laughter. Seeing that the beggar's chicken had been roasted, Xiaohua took out the roasted chicken and held it in a big bowl, beckoning everyone to go downstairs to the canteen for activities. At this time, it was almost dark. Turning on the lights of the canteen, the original particularly deserted canteen was replaced by a lively one, with only four more blades, but feeling that the lively atmosphere was more than doubled than when there were only six blades. Xiaohua looked at a few small knives in the tables,sonicator homogenizer, chairs and benches between the flexible shuttle slapstick, also feel very cute, the arrival of relatives and friends is really very happy. fycgsonic.com