The Pure Bride of the Rich

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The Pure Bride of the RichThe Pure Bride of the RichThe Pure Bride of the Rich

Hyland? Hyland? Wake up, "someone whispered softly in my ear.". Hyland murmured twice, rubbing her astringent eyes with her hands. "What for?" "Have you had a nightmare?" On his head, Brother Di looked down with concern. No, I'm having a wet dream! She glanced at the bedside alarm clock. It was five o'clock in the morning. Today is the weekend. You can drag him and stay in bed with her. You! He chuckled and lay down again, holding her firmly to his chest. The big palm touched her back gently. Boss Di. She called him tentatively. Uh He kissed her forehead, and the warm breath fell on her face, and she could not help trembling, which made him chuckle. I dreamed of the day we met again. She leaned over his chest and looked at his expression consciously or unconsciously. Oh The plain answer could not find the slightest fluctuation. Why on earth did you marry me? She didn't give up asking again, but she knew she couldn't get the answer. Pity you no one wants, by the way, to satisfy your girl's dream of youth! He lowered his head and bit her nose, which was not straight. She frowned in protest, provoking him to chuckle again. Hum, that's the perfunctory answer again. Ignore you! She turned around, angry at his escape, and even more angry at her own fall. She's in love with him! Fall in love with a man who doesn't love her! In fact, she had agreed to marry him, to marry a complete stranger,electronic board for classroom, not just a momentary impulse. At the moment when he stood in front of her and looked down at her, his heart was already slightly palpitating. Fall in love at first sight. In the evening, she opened her heart to his unknown inner world, and she couldn't help telling him the truth. Goodbye, fall in love. Even knowing that he was a shadow in fairy tales, a phantom in romantic novels she had woven, a breeze in her dreams.. She promised to marry him. Because she wanted to give herself a chance to see if there was a miracle to realize her dream. Just relax yourself and let yourself live in the fairyland in your imagination for a while! Even if there is always a moment when dreams are shattered. Even if you fall into it and try your best to vent your inner desire with your pen,interactive panel board, you will not be able to get back the original happiness and the free days of a person, even if you lose your soul. She was desperate to jump into his life. Love him. And more than two years later, today's love is a woman holding her heart and swearing with her life-love him! Although, he doesn't love her. He had done everything he had promised that night: to give her all his spare time, to accompany her, so that she could lean into his open chest at any time, to spoil her and pity her in every way. He gave her everything but love. However, she did not know anything about his background, his past and the nature of his work. Besides, they had been married for more than two years, but who knew she was married except her family? Even her friends just think she has a live-in boyfriend. The editors of the editorial department all laughed at her. Was it because she was too persistent in her fantasy of love that she imagined a close lover. After living together for more than two years, she knew everything about him now. She was deeply fascinated by him. He knew all her preferences and played the role of a competent "husband" perfectly. Seven, eight hundred days, smart board whiteboard ,interactive touch screens education, they have a deep tacit understanding, know what can be said at will, what can not be said, know what can be asked, what is the topic can not be touched. She has always understood deeply. But always do not feel sad, sad. However, the road is her own choice, whether right or wrong, rough, muddy, must go on bravely, she wants to spend every day with him now, enjoy the happiness now. Until The day the dream was shattered. Perhaps that day will never come. Isn't it? Maybe brother Di doesn't love her today, but maybe he will find out that he loves her tomorrow. Perhaps brother Di had many emotional problems that had troubled him for a long time, but she believed that one day he would tell her one by one. But what if he doesn't tell her? She loves the man he is, not the man he was. Everything, from the day of acquaintance, is the beginning of their new life. Hey hey, don't believe her Hyland can't cure him! One day, she will let him be willing to say to her: I love you-Hyland! This day will come! Hey, hey. "Do you think of my tricks again when you laugh so terribly?" The warm breath spread behind her ears, itching, she waved unconsciously, turned to bury in the soft pillow, and continued to dream-Di was kneeling down to propose to her-although they had already had a civil marriage, but it was still quite cool! Heh heh "The little fat pig who stays in bed, don't laugh like a thief, get up and eat quickly!" Disgusting old mosquitoes around the ears, she can not bear to reach out to fight, please! Doesn't he know that dreams are hard to make? Don't keep bothering her! "Don't you want to eat the sweet and sour spareribs and hibiscus soup balls you want?" He took her hand. "If I don't wake up, I'll start!"! Eat or not? A word awakens the dreamer. Hearing the word "eat", Hailan immediately says goodbye to Zhou Gongdao and suddenly turns over and sits up. Eat! Where She waved her hands away from the big face that blocked her view, and her eyes ran around. Tut, when it comes to eating, I'm more energetic than anyone else. The big shot beside the bed clasped his hands discontentedly on his chest. His right foot clapped impatiently on the floor. With a smile on his handsome face, he said, "Dinner starts at twelve o'clock on time. It's too late!" Nodded. "Go and freshen up." The big man made an honorable exit. She turned to look at her watch! Three minutes? She immediately jumped out of bed, two or three steps into the bathroom, two or three times to wash her face, four or five times to smooth the messy hair, six or seven times to brush her teeth with a toothbrush dipped in water, 0 K,interactive digital whiteboard, everything is over! Time-she turned to look at the wall clock in the bedroom. Twelve o'clock at noon! She jumped up and down again, and when she got into the dining room, she saw on the table the dish she had been waiting for for a long time!.