Ravaged, you are also reborn.

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Ravaged, you are also reborn.Ravaged, you are also reborn.Ravaged, you are also reborn.

"Always doing some inexplicable things.". Don't you think he spoils my third sister very much? Suddenly he seemed to be a different person, and he gave me a jade pendant or something. I felt like he had mistaken me for someone else. I used to think he wasn't trying to make fun of me, but now it doesn't look like it. Can I ask you why you said Lord Rong liked me that day. Want to marry me? Ravaged lips, he was indeed mistaken before, but this time he recognized the right person, "then I ask you, do you like him?" Ye Rumeng shook his head. Once Have you ever liked it? Ye Rumeng paused and liked it, but it seemed embarrassing to admit it in front of him. Ye Rumeng stood up hurriedly with a pillow in his arms. "It's very late. You see, this time is enough. Rolling is mine. You can't come to me at night." "Mmm." He also stood up, "I.." I know it's not good. I I am responsible for you. "What?" He bent his lips and smiled, his eyes shining like stars, and jumped out of the window. Ye Rumeng glared at his back, this guy is playing hooligans, right? Sure enough, people who walk in Jianghu are a bit of scoundrels. But the guy was kind of nice, and she thought so after he saw her off. Ye Rumeng suddenly realized a problem, knowing him for so long, she did not seem to know what his name was? Well, next time you see him,interactive panels for education, you must ask him. The two of them should be friends, right? The next morning, Ye Rumeng was woken up by the cry of the little guy. She sat up in a daze and lay on the edge of the bed for a while, smiling and teasing. Rolling may be hungry, "Ow" kept calling, Ye Rumeng habitually looked at the window, but saw the dressing table empty,65 inch touch screen, her heart slightly lost, but felt a lot of peace of mind. After a while, Ziyi came with a small wooden basin in which there were two bowls, one containing clear water and the other containing a bowl of soft grain paste with carrots and minced meat. As soon as he put it into the wooden basin, the little fellow plunged into the bowl and ate so vigorously that his tail stood up. Eat slowly, no one will rob you. Ye Rumeng crouched by the wooden basin and laughed. After a while, Ye Rumeng got up and stretched himself. He came to the window and pushed it open. The bright sunshine came in. There was a sound of water. Ye Rumeng saw that Ma Shi and Xiaoyu were washing clothes by the well, while Baoer was helping to twist the clothes. He had thin arms and legs, and he didn't know whether it was people twisting clothes or clothes twisting people. Boa! Ye Rumeng called out. Sister Meng, are you awake? Baoer lay down on the edge of the well dam, not daring to lean over, for fear that she would suddenly pick up and frighten her. You're not going to recite? Ye Rumeng asked. Baoer grinned and said, "I was just watching Xiaoyu wash clothes. I'm going now." "Eat first and go after dinner." "Good!" Boa should be happy. After washing, touch screen board classroom ,75 smart board, Ye Rumeng went to the front hall to prepare for breakfast, only to find that Ye Changfeng was in civilian clothes. Ye Rumeng counted her fingers. In Mid-Autumn, her father took five days off, fourteen to eighteen. Today, it's nineteen. Don't you have to go to the Hanlin Academy? As soon as Ye Rumeng asked, Ye Changfeng told her, "Mengmeng, Dad has resigned from the Imperial Academy." "Huh?" Ye Rumeng was taken aback. Don't worry, Dad is taking the exam of the Imperial College. He has passed the first and second examinations. Two days later, Dad is 80% sure of the final examination. "Father is really good!" Ye Rumeng applauded hurriedly, and even she knew that the Imperial College was much better than the Imperial Academy. Things haven't been decided yet, so don't be happy too early. If you can't pass, I'm afraid you'll have to find another job. "I'm sure Dad can live!" Ye Rumeng is full of confidence, but her father has been Prince Shaofu. After the family finished their breakfast, Ye Rumeng ran after them in the yard. Although their four legs were short and fat, they ran very fast. Ye Rumeng was out of breath and had a stomachache. He called Xiangbei to catch them up. Xiangbei should, hurriedly ran to chase rolling, rolling thought they were still playing with it, running very happy, chubby little buttocks swaying, especially ecstatic. "Girl," Xiaoyu ran in from outside the Chuihua door and shouted as she ran, "my brother said someone was looking for Baoer outside!" "Who?" As soon as Ye Rumeng heard this, he was excited. Baoer didn't know anyone here. Could it be that the "green clothes" in the palace had fallen into the trap? "Xiaoyu, don't make any noise and walk quickly." Purple came over and warned. Xiaoyu knew she was wrong. "Xiaoyu hurriedly blessed her body, and her posture was still a little crooked." Did you come alone? Ye Rumeng asked hurriedly. My brother said there were two people! "Two people?" Ye Rumeng thought, "you let your brother invite them to the front hall first, don't let them run away!"! I'm going to find Boa! Ye Rumeng is going to catch a turtle in a jar or put a long line to hang a big fish! "Run for what?" As soon as Ye Changfeng came in, he saw Ye Ru-meng. Ye Rumeng hurriedly stopped, folded his hands in front of his lower abdomen, and said, "Dad, is that'green clothes' coming?" "Who told you that?" No, isn't it? You're not looking for Boa? Who else would it be? Ye Changfeng twisted his eyebrows. "When can you change your temper? You will be quiet when you have nothing to do on weekdays. When you encounter an emergency, you will listen to the wind and rain.". It's Mr. Tao who saved Baoer yesterday. You let Baoer go to the front hall to see him. "Oh.." That's right. Ye Rumeng was immediately disappointed, hum, if the green clothes came, she must have a good interrogation, that green clothes will certainly not be a good person! When Baoer met Mr. Tao in the front hall, Ye Rumeng waited in the big study next door. I don't know what the two of them talked about for so long, until she finished eating a plate of walnut and jujube cakes, she heard the voice of Baoer,smartboard for business, she quickly wiped her lips with a veil, and came out of the study. As soon as she came out, she saw Baoer crying so hard that even her handkerchief was wet. hsdsmartboard.com