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Of course, the members of the digital mercenary regiment declared hostile will also receive the system information in the regiment at the first time, prompting them which mercenary regiment is hostile to them. This is also to avoid the regret that people do not know what is going on until they die and die in their grave. Hostile?! Lolo was curious, she had not yet experienced hostile events within the organization, and naturally felt a little fresh. Uh! It's all right to brush those people, and you can also practice. Xuan Ling patted Lolo's little head and said this succinctly. That's not bad! Lolo closed the mercenary regiment directory, stood up and was about to return it to the counter when suddenly a group of people broke into the gate of the guild, and it was the head of the sweet potato regiment who had just arrived. Sweet potato regimental commander rushed into the guild gate and glanced around. Soon he found Xuanling and Luoluo. He ran over and said anxiously, "You two, how can you act alone?!"! Now that you have enemies, if you walk around casually, you will probably be targeted. The most important thing is that you want to die is your business, but during the period of employment, if you are killed by PK, then his hired mercenary regiment will lower the task evaluation! "Humph!" Xuan Ling snorted coldly and squinted at the sweet potato, without any intention of explaining or appeasing the other party. Or Lolo girl is more kind, kind to open his mouth: "It's all right,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, hundreds of people we still do not care..." To be exact, Xuanling does not care, she may not be able to cope with so many people, but she can fly, fly very fast, unless it is a second kill, otherwise their own safety is absolutely not a problem. The head of the sweet potato has wanted to vomit blood. In front of these employers is how arrogant ah,digital touch screen board, people not only put words to do the task of the Lord of the city, people actually dare to brag B that they do not even care about hundreds of people. No, he wanted to find a place to faint for a while, and by the way, he confessed his brain-damaged behavior of taking over the business in order to get a high commission. Are you all right? Lolo was also very concerned about the twisted expression of the head of the sweet potato regiment and greeted him thoughtfully. …… Don't worry The head of the sweet potato regiment gritted his teeth and wanted to cry without tears. Oh, let's go first, 886! Lolo turned to leave. Leng Buding was caught by the head of the sweet potato regiment. He looked back doubtfully and saw that the head of the sweet potato regiment was already in tears, with a handful of snot and tears: "Elder sister!"! You are my sister! In order to express my admiration for you, I would like to send ten teams of people to follow your footsteps in turn, and ask you to satisfy my little wish! His task evaluation, ah, even if it is dead a few times can not be so reduced, interactive boards for classrooms ,digital interactive whiteboard, these people hang the commission is too high, has been rated as a level 3 task by the system, if this is a bad comment, their group can be hard for decades, once back to the pre-liberation. Uh. Follow if you want! Lolo was confused and felt a little dizzy. I'm afraid the colonel is not out of his mind, is he?! "Woo.." Thank you so much! “……” On the other hand, the Exp Goblin, who was still stuck in the White Tiger City, received a prompt from an external phone call. After getting off the line and answering the phone and returning to the game, the Exp Goblin's face has been very bad. What's wrong?! An Lian took an indifferent look at his daughter and asked casually, not very concerned. There is something wrong with the layout of Xuanwu City. Now we only get 1/5 of the shop shares in the whole city. We could have continued to create chaos and coerce people to sell land, but they suddenly got into trouble with Xuanling. The Exp Goblin gritted his teeth and frowned, looking very big. "Xuan Ling?!" An Lian Qing finally got serious and paid attention to the news. Xuanling was the one who dealt with him, not to mention that Lolo was still by the boy's side. This alone was enough for an Lian Qing to be anxious: "Where are the sleeves?!" “…… My sister is here too! Exp Goblin's brow twisted more tightly, hesitated for a long time, and finally gritted his teeth, courage to ask: "Dad, is there really no way to let sister go home?!"! Why on earth did she run away in the first place?! No matter how angry, we are also a family, ah, she really would rather follow the Lin family than us?! After trying for so long, she thought she had enough anger to pour out, but the more she came into contact with Lolo, the more confused the Exp goblin became. The sister who secretly brought candy to herself since childhood, the sister who took many mistakes for her in order to make herself less punished, the sister who deliberately dragged herself out of the classroom to play so that adults would not blame herself and add more lessons to herself.. After more than ten years of hard work, she still hates her. Is it your fault?! But even if the elder sister wants to be free, there is no need to suddenly run away from home without saying a word, or even call back one ah?! She was not afraid that her father would beat her, but she was afraid that after the pain, she would return to the loneliness of no one caring for her, and she could only hide in the dark and cry. Why did the sister who loved her so much change?! Why do you suddenly not want yourself?! What happened between my sister and my father?! An Lian's eyes narrowed and the cold light flashed in his eyes. This daughter seems to have grown wings?! Exp goblins have already been seen by such eyes countless times, and of course she is very sensitive to this familiar line of sight. It was only for a moment that she regretted what she had just done. I am still eager for quick success and instant benefit, these things can only be checked slowly, after all, can not be taken out to ask this man. An Yanru is also on one side, carelessly repairing his nails, casually glancing at the Exp goblin, sneering and sneering: "Why do you care so much?!"! That kind of woman wants to follow who to follow, this world is originally like this,75 inch smart board, she is very not easy to catch a rich husband, do not grasp well in the hand, return to our home that does not know to be able to go bankrupt why?! An Lian turned his head fiercely and stared at An Yanru coldly: "Do you want Anjia to go bankrupt?!" 。