The fairy wife dressed as a male partner is Jane Yirong.

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The fairy wife dressed as a male partner is Jane Yirong.The fairy wife dressed as a male partner is Jane Yirong.

Ji Han rubbed her little head with a smile, and when his big hand fell down, he put it on her shoulder, and his arm crossed her back, holding her loosely in his arms. Luo Ling Ling is thinking about Qian Meixin, also did not notice his action, "you say, whose son is Qian Meixin?"? Could it be Ji Zhaocheng's? "You keep looking down." Ji Han pointed to the document in her hand. He knew she would have such doubts, so he simply cleared up the matter. There is also a paternity test report below, which is Chenchen and Qian Meixin's ex-boyfriend. It turns out that Qian Meixin's son belongs to her ex-boyfriend. Think carefully, should also be like this, Luo Qingfang must be on guard against the monsoon entertainment actresses want to take a shortcut to hook up with Ji Zhaocheng, so Qian Meixin had tried to seduce Ji Zhaocheng will be found by Luo Qingfang, it is estimated that she failed. The child is neither Ji Zhaocheng's nor Luo Qingdong's, it can only be her ex-boyfriend's. What is Aya going to do? Tell the Luo family to watch the fun? Ji Han's slender fingertips unconsciously rubbed her small and round shoulders. Luo Ling Ling tilted her little head and thought, "It must be necessary to watch the excitement, but I think this excitement can wait." Anyway, the police director Zhou there has grasped a lot of clues, with the Luo family in court will not be too far away, until Luo Qingdong went to prison, the old lady placed all her hopes on Chenchen, and then take out the paternity test. It is estimated that the old lady's face will be very wonderful. Moreover,smart boards for conference rooms, before announcing the results of the paternity test, the relationship between Luo Qingdong and Qian Meixin should be announced first. Ji Han looked at her proud little expression and knew that she must have some idea. A smile flashed through her black eyes. No matter what the little girl wanted to do, he could support her. As long as she was happy, it didn't matter what the Luo family did. Right, your broker- "Ji Han just wanted to say something, Luo Lingling's phone came, picked up a look, it was Qian Meixin.". What a coincidence? Luo Lingling raised her eyebrows and connected the phone. Luo Ling Ling,smart board for conference room, what's the matter with you? As soon as the phone was connected, Qian Meixin's angry voice came out, and Ji Han, who was next to Luo Ling, heard it clearly and frowned. The broker's bad conduct will involve the little girl when the matter is exposed in the future, and Qian Meixin obviously did not do her best to bring Luo Lingling. He was just about to say that he would change an agent for the little girl, at least put his little girl in the first place, but before he opened his mouth, Qian Meixin's phone call came, and he was so aggressive. His little girl, holding it in the palm of her hand, was not enough. What was Qian Meixin? She even opened her mouth and scolded him. Do you know what a rare opportunity it is for you to accept the role of Chang Feng Ling? If you don't repay me, it's all right. You still fish for three days and dry the net for two days. Have you been filming seriously?! Luo Lingling these days really stay in the crew less time, it is estimated that Luo Juanjuan in front of Qian Meixin "unintentionally" revealed. Luo Ling Ling is not angry, she would like to know, smartboards in classrooms ,smartboards for business, when the relationship between Qian Meixin and Luo Qingdong is exposed, Luo Juanjuan will not intimately shout "Meixin Sister". Oh, by the way, the result of the paternity test will be announced after Luo Juanjuan is "happy to be a sister". She rubbed her white fingers excitedly and couldn't wait to watch the fun. Miss Qian, I did not delay any shooting schedule, but whenever there is my lens, I am in the crew, if you do not believe this, you can ask Director Zhang. Luo Ling Ling imagined the lively scene in the future, while patiently answering Qian Meixin. The purpose of Qian Meixin's call is not to reprimand, "I gave you a reality show, and you will go after shooting this play." A reality show? What program? Luo Ling Ling estimated that Qian Meixin was not so kind. King of the Desert Island, I've already signed it for you, and the time is scheduled after your play is finished. Qian Meixin finished, did not wait for Luo Ling Ling to say anything directly hung up the phone. Ji Han's face was gloomy and his black eyes flashed a trace of coldness. "Ling Ling, don't be afraid. No matter how she signed it, you don't have to go. I'm here.". ” King of the desert island? It just doesn't sound right. How could he let a soft little girl go to that kind of show to suffer? Luo Lingling said thoughtfully, "King of the desert island?"? Um. That sounds like fun. Although Qian Meixin is up to no good, but she does not necessarily dislike, such as the role of Aman, she is actually very satisfied, the scene is not much, in the crew for a long time, just convenient for her to learn. Ji Han: "…" If the little girl wanted to go, he couldn't stop her, but- "Aya, whether you go to this program or not, you have to change your agent tomorrow!" The author has something to say: Thanks for subscribing! Luo Lingling broke her fingers and began to count: Luo Qingdong likes to be a father, the old lady likes to be a nurse, Luo Juanjuan likes to be an elder sister, and Lao Yufeng likes to mention the honorable title of the main room! Wait for them to experience the joy of the mood, and then announce the paternity test, don't be too grateful to me. 、063 Luo Ling hung up the phone and simply searched the Internet to see what kind of program the King of the Desert Island was. "King of the Desert Island" is a reality show, the guests are in the "desert island" artificially enclosed by the program group, the living conditions are very bad.. Ji Han's head came over and looked at his cell phone with her. His face was very close, only a few centimeters away from Luo Ling's cheek. Luo Lingling watched with relish, and Ji Han frowned more and more tightly. Aya, you can't take part in- Luo Ling Ling turned her head to look at him, their cheeks were too close, and her lips rubbed directly on his face. Luo Lingling gasped, her little face turned red and her eyes were dull: ".." Ji Han's black eyes burst out with a terrible light, staring at Luo Lingling's lips: ".." "Ling Ling." Ji Han looked at her deeply. Right, right, right, I'm sorry! Luo Ling Ling shrank back. You kissed me secretly. Ji Han took her by the shoulder. No, no, no, no! Luo Ling Ling eyes drift,86 smart board, look at the sky, look at the tea table, but dare not look at him.