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The Way to Spoil One's Wife

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Mrs. Guo is very good to her, Zhao Shen is also OK, Zhao Yunting is very unpopular, because of this relationship, the Guo family only invites their husband and wife on New Year's Day

A Ju can imagine the scene at that time, their parents needless to say, parents-in-law have been very good to her, Zhao Shen said they like their daughter, I think it is really like, as for the wife, Zhao Shen did not mention, a Ju did not ask. I don't know why, before giving birth to a child, Ah Ju would worry about what to do if she gave birth to a daughter who was more and more rejected by her wife. Now that the die is cast, she let go instead. This is her daughter. The relatives she cares about like this child as much as she does. She is satisfied. Is Ah Ju awake? Liu's voice came from behind the curtain. Mother. A Ju looked up and answered, motioning Zhao Shen to get up quickly with his eyes. Zhao Shen looked at her helplessly and quickly put on his shoes and went to the ground, not thinking that his mother-in-law was not the only one outside. Liu Shi was the first to come in, followed by Ning Shi, Mammy Jiang, and Lin Chongjiu and Lin Zhu. Several people occupied the left and right edges of the Kang above Ah Ju's head. Lin Chongjiu climbed directly into the Kang, where there was no place for him. Chengyuan, you've been here all day. Go to dinner and come to see your wife after dinner. When Liu Shi personally fed Ah Ju to drink porridge, Ning Shi saw his son standing there, smiling and reminding him. A Ju was just about to pick up the longan and jujube porridge handed over by his mother, when he heard this, he looked up and looked at Zhao Shen gently. My sister laughed in my ears. Ah Ju's face was a little hot. He lowered his eyes and continued to drink porridge. Zhao Shen saw that she had a good appetite and was completely relieved to go outside to clean herself up first. Not long after he left, perhaps because there were many people in the room who talked a lot, the little girl was woken up and opened her mouth to cry. The sound of crying was really full of gas. Although Ah Ju gave birth to a child for the first time, she was already sensible when her younger brother Lin Chongjiu was born, so she was quite skilled in how to coax a child. Without the guidance of her mother-in-law, she lowered her head and coaxed her. Seeing that her daughter had not urinated, she looked up and said with a smile, "I'm probably hungry." Lin Zhu immediately turned around and said, "Xiao Jiu,heavy duty cantilever racks, go outside to play. The elder sister is going to feed our niece!" The little man, Lin Chongjiu, blushed and went out without saying a word, which made the whole room laugh. Zhao Shen soon turned back, Liu Shi and others thoughtfully gave Ah Ju to him, so that their family of three close. I thought I heard the baby crying just now. What happened? After getting on the Kang, Zhao Shen first looked at the child and saw that her daughter was awake, her black eyes were moist, and she couldn't help but want to tease her. A Ju stopped him softly. "Don't mess with her. She just finished nursing and was about to go to bed." Eat.. Milk …… Zhao Shen's eyes could not help slipping to his wife's chest. A Ju was lying flat at the moment, covered with a quilt, but she felt that Zhao Shen's eyes seemed to fall directly on her through the quilt, which made her very embarrassed, and she dared not look at him. Zhao Shen also felt that he should not think that at this time, embarrassed to withdraw the line of sight. There was something else in the silence. Ah Ju felt more and more uncomfortable. She took the initiative to change the subject and said, "Have you decided what your name is?" Zhao Shen looked at his daughter, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty metal racks, who had already closed her eyes, and took back her heart a little: "Father has a name, Ming Hua. Let's take the nickname by ourselves. Ah Ju, you take it. I'll listen to you.". Isn't your nickname also given by your mother-in-law? It's very nice. At the mention of this Ah Ju, her face was a little hot. She didn't think her name sounded good. Besides, she couldn't think of any good name for a while, so she pushed it to her husband: "Ming Hua is a good name. You'd better have a nickname. You've read a lot of books." Zhao Shen really thought about a few, when his wife was asleep, "Lace Cancan Danfeng Young, Ah Ju, how about we call our daughter Cancan?"? You are so beautiful that our daughter must be beautiful when she grows up. "Cancan." A Ju read it softly and looked at her husband's peach blossom with joy in her eyes. "It sounds good. It's called Cancan." Then he looked down at his daughter. But Zhao Shen turned to the other side of his wife. Afraid of touching her legs, he left his legs outside and only put his head into the quilt. As he arched under her clothes, he asked in a dumb voice, "Ah Ju, Cancan is so small. Does she eat much?"? Did you eat both sides, or just one side? Worried for so long, finally relaxed, rare half a day free, he wanted to be close to his wife. A Ju guessed what he was thinking, but now she was too weak to stop him. Besides, she didn't want to stop him. She just closed her eyes and indulged him. Worried that he had eaten too much and robbed his daughter, Zhao Shen soon came out. While cleaning up the mess for Ah Ju, he gasped, "I was finally born. When Cancan is over the full moon, I can train again. Ah Ju, take good care of yourself, do you know?" A Ju bit her lip and said nothing. She wants to take good care of herself, but that's for her daughter, not to train with him. Her face was red. Zhao Shen kissed her again and again, and then slowly got down to business. "Ah Ju, what my father means is that Cancan's full moon is going to be a big event. Don't be too extravagant about washing three. Invite my aunt's family, father-in-law and mother-in-law to come and sit down. What do you say?" This kind of thing Ah Ju always listens to a man to arrange, but this time he was curious and asked with a smile, "Is my aunt willing to come?" Mrs. Guo is very good to her, Zhao Shen is also OK, Zhao Yunting is very unpopular, because of this relationship, the Guo family only invites their husband and wife on New Year's Day, while the Zhao family invites the Guo family not to come, Guo Baozhu will only come to play at ordinary times, only to Xinlan Garden or Wangzhu Xuan. On more than one occasion, Mrs. Tai accused Kuo Pao-chu of having no rules. Ah Ju went in one ear and out the other, but she didn't hear him. Zhao Shen sighed with emotion. He looked up at his baby daughter who was sleeping over there and said with a smile, "My aunt won't come for anything else. Now that I have Cancan, of course my aunt will come.". It happened that the day was thirty, and we were all at home. You said that Cancan would choose the day. It was a deliberate attempt to let everyone come to see her. The wife is particularly charming in private, but does not want to attract attention on the surface. Daughter, it is estimated that she will be more charming than her mother, right? Zhao Shen kissed his two babies,warehousing storage solutions, big or small, no matter what kind of Jiao they like, he is willing to coax and spoil.