New Three Kingdoms Policy

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Chong Shuai, wait for me to dance the sword to help the wine! Gan Ning unsheathed his sword and shouted.

Xu Shu added, "It is not advisable to follow the rule of survival in troubled times. However, if we are too merciful, we cannot protect ourselves.". Sun ce both beg Yangzhou herdsman, will cooperate with Cao Cao xingbing north attack Jianghuai, take yuan Huainan land to expand, although with hundreds of thousands of armor, but north by Cao Cao, lyu3 bu4 disease attack, south and sun ce plunder, and its usual debauchery, people complain, all the betrayal, the day of defeat is not far away. If we cut, when is also, pity our army tired of fighting back, who returned home and drive on the array, fear of war, and the provisions in the government warehouse is not good, sun ce and Chen Binghu in the east of Fanyang, hurriedly sent the whole division to cross the river to attack the city of Anhui. At this point, I knew most of what Xu Shu meant. I said with a smile, "Today, even if Zi Yang and yuan Zhi are discussing the current situation, they will capture the generals in the hall, pull out the city between Rong Zu, and destroy it on the seat. In the past, Su Qin and Zhang Yi were just like that.". The yuan is defeated, the rest of the people have no other place, will run west LuJiang, I can send a capable will, rate of an elite division, boat on the Yangtze River Chaohu Lake, waiting for an opportunity to attack the people, so can be broken! As soon as the words came out of my mouth,tile trim factory, a powerful and familiar figure flashed through my mind. If this person was a general, there would be no danger. With a wave of his hand, Xu Shu said with a smile, "Don't say anything. The three of us have each written it in our hands. We look at it differently." Liu's busy side called pro who, teach took the brush and inkstone, secretly wrote first, and then to Cao Cao, to Cao Cao finished, finally turned to my hand, I covered a stroke with sleeve, three people move close to the word in the palm, watch each other,aluminium tile trim profiles, are laughing. The original Cao Cao palm is a "gan" word, Liu palm is "Xing bully" two words, and my palm is a "brocade" word. Although the word is different, but the meaning is clear and unmistakable, can take on this important task, none other than Gan Ning. "Since the three of us have seen the same thing," I said, "there's no doubt about it. Fortunately, don't leak it." With a knowing smile, Xu Shu said, "This is a matter of life and death. We know it in our hearts. There's no reason to leak it out. It's just the word" Jin ", which means that you want Gan Ning to restore the name of" Jin Fan "." Xu Shu was thoughtful, but I couldn't hide my thoughts from him. I said with a smile, "yuan Zhi's wisdom is beyond the reach of the world. It's really a little thorough. I can't hide it from you.". The bird will strike, the low fly gathers the wing, the beast of prey will be rich, the ear prostrate, the saint will move, must have the foolish color. Yu Zhangduo sun ce, Liu Xun sit on the probe, Xing bully if the Northern Expedition, then Liu Xun sun ce must be prophetic, so it is not good for the war, there is a saying that soldiers are not tired of cheating, metal trim manufacturers ,aluminum tile edge trim, if the brocade sails reappear on the river, with the benefit of the boat across the Jianghuai waters, the enemy see trust in Gan Ning rebellion without doubt also. "October is ripe," said Xu Shu. "Although the south of Yuzhang is in a state of war and there is no harvest, the situation in Fanyang, Shangli and Haidun is getting better and better, and the measures to open up wasteland are effective. It's no problem to support an army with the abundant grain of the three places. When the time comes, we will send troops to the Northern Expedition and cooperate with Gansu and Ningxia. We will win." Indeed such as Cao Cao judgment, now our army is not enough food, unable to north, but as long as the grain can be received smoothly in October, after deducting the normal expenses, conservative estimates also have about two hundred thousand Dendrobium, maintain an elite division when no problem, the only thing to worry about is the Jianghuai war, the refugees of the south too much, will inevitably consume precious food, And leaving these people to starve to death on the streets will lose the hearts of the people. Liu Ye said, "The plan has been decided. Chen Deng is still waiting for the news in the inn. You must not neglect him." In the middle of September, Chen Deng left Yuzhang with a contented and happy mood, accompanied by Huaxin, who was sent to Xudu, and a batch of Lingnan artifacts for tribute. Hua Xin this time is mainly to try to prevent the court granted sun ce Yangzhou herdsman title, for sun ce strategy of encircling Yu Zhang, Hua Xin purpose is to the son of heaven to explain the situation of Yu Zhang this year, and to the town east general Cao Cao Chen fierce relationship, put forward our intention to participate in the crusade against yuan. At the end of September, during the White Dew season, black birds return and the water begins to dry up. Poyang lakeside, is already golden everywhere, rice fragrance, in order to ensure that events do not leak as much as possible, I don't even call Liu and Cao Cao, green shirt walk alone, carrying a bag with liquor, to the lakeside to see gan Ning. On the beach of the lakeshore, there was no one else, so Gan Ning and I sat on the ground and drank each other. The sky was cloudless, and there were even more reeds. On the lake not far away, the brocade sails were fluttering and hunting against the wind. Hundreds of athletes were shirtless and bare-chested, with horizontal knives standing on the bow of the boat. The end was imposing, and it was only Gan Ning who could treat the athletes so kindly and make them sacrifice their lives. After coming back from Nanping, gan Ning and tardif's relationship was restored to the old way, each other is not convinced, and strive for favor, as if back to the teacher that day the appearance of intimate care is put on. The reason is that Gan Ning was not satisfied with the reward I gave, and thought that I was partial to tardif. After many times of angry remonstrance, Gan Ning gathered his old subordinates and made a living on the river again. The pirate ship of Jin Fan was floating on the river again. However, all this is an illusion, I and Gan Ning planned in advance, but also for those who spy on the intelligence to see. In fact, from the bottom of my heart, I really regard the person who lifted the wine bag and poured it into my throat as a friend, brother and trusted partner. From the time of Chen to the time of You, the cause of Xing, where the wine is popular, Gan Ning has been unrestrained and meticulous, although the day before yesterday I have fully said the intention to listen to Gan Ning, but the actual action, let Gan Ning leave like this, it is sad, since the first encounter Gan Ning, fire attack drum Ze Kou, hundred ride broken Sun Ben, thousands of miles to save Luling, these glorious deeds are vivid. Chong Shuai, wait for me to dance the sword to help the wine! Gan Ning unsheathed his sword and shouted. Although Gan Ning's footsteps were a little shaky, he was still very agile when he was drunk. The sword dance was like the wind, and it turned into a cold air. It was more masculine than the singer who specialized in sword dance. I think that before the Hongmen banquet, Xiang Zhuangfan's sword was just so so. To the rhythm of the sword, I shouted, "When I was fifteen or twenty, I won the Huma Riding on foot.". He fought for three thousand Li, and once served as a million troops with one sword. Han Bing Fen fast as a thunderbolt,stainless steel tile edging, Lu ride collapse fear Chenopodium.. Gan Ning laughed and said, "You have fought for three thousand Li, and once served as a division of a million with one sword. That's a good point!" ……。