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I think, we," the wooden crane gently grabbed the corner of the quilt, carefully organized the language, "is it better to sleep in the master bedroom?"

If it comes out, it will be a good headline. Alas, she doesn't seem to hate Zhong Lifei so much. Why do women bother to embarrass women? It was not until the elevator door opened that the wooden crane came to her senses from her meditation. She withdrew her sight: "Let's go." Outside, there was not even a trace of wind, the air was dull, and the horizon was covered with a rare purple sunset glow, like a magnificent oil painting. Tan Mian took out his mobile phone to take photos and uploaded them to Moments: "Last night, I watched the weather forecast. It was said that there was a strong typhoon landing. Yang Yang, are you afraid of sleeping alone at night?" The wooden crane shook his head with a smile. "I'm not afraid." She's not a child. Yeah, that's good. Sure enough, at eleven o'clock in the evening, the wooden crane was lying in bed, ready to fall asleep. Thunder and lightning began outside the window, and the wind was strong. She covered her ears and shrank into the quilt. Not afraid, not afraid. It was nearly midnight and she was still awake. The wind was getting stronger and stronger, roaring like a dubbing in a horror movie. The wooden crane turned sideways, holding itself in both hands, and looked out through the gap in the corner of the quilt. A few lightning bolts tore the dark clouds and jumped out together, illuminating the night as bright as day. The thunder rumbled like a sound in her ears, which made her ears ache and her heart tighten. She remembered that when she was a child, she heard the old woman who lived next door say that it was usually the night of thunder and lightning that the underworld was catching the dead who had absconded, and that those who escaped from that place were all evil and vicious. They will choose the Yang people with the right eight characters of their birthdays to possess themselves, and then walk in the sunshine again. In the past, when she was a bit player, she also played the role of Bai Changmian and did a lot of homework specially. I can't think about it anymore. The wooden crane turned over, always felt a dark shadow flashing on the ceiling, and there seemed to be a man standing in the corner. He summoned up his courage to look at it, but there was nothing. Even the bowls were so frightened that he didn't know where to hide. She was the only one in the empty bedroom. At one o'clock in the middle of the night, Huo Siheng finished dealing with several mails, rubbed his eyebrows, and heard a slight sound outside the door. He thought it was the sound of thunder and vibration,cordierite c520, so he ignored it. He was about to turn off the light when the noise started again. Listen intently. It's a knock at the door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw the wooden crane standing by the door with a quilt in his arms, his long black hair scattered, and a pitiful expression on his little white face. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" The author has something to say: Two in-class quiz questions: 1. Can they sleep together tonight? (60 points) 2. What is Heng Shao's reaction to his wife's active invitation to sleep? (40 points) Additional question: Ask Huo Siwen for the psychological shadow area after receiving his fourth uncle's advice (100 points) The last chapter was updated last night. Don't miss it. Thanks to Xi Ye X6, Mu Fangji's mines, drop red envelopes ~ Joyful Winter Snow Evening (04) Chapter 19 "Can I sleep with you tonight?" In the deep night sky, a purple lightning in the shape of a tree exploded again. After a huge thunder, the light disappeared. The man's handsome side face sank in a half-light and half-dark. The wooden crane could not see his expression clearly, only heard a light smile in his throat, as if with a little helplessness: "Muyang Yang." She unconsciously straightened her back. "If I remember correctly," said Horseshoe, changing into a relaxed position and looking at her with a smile in the dim light, "you seem to be twenty-two years old this year." "You remember wrong!" Wooden crane sideways, with his back to stop him in the doorway gently pushed away, grandly holding the quilt into his room, turned back to him with a smiling face, steatite c221 ,ceramic bobbin element, eyebrows and eyes showing the color of success, "this year's birthday has not passed, so it does not count." There's no law against a 22-year-old being afraid of thunderstorms, is there? The wishful thinking in the heart can be loud, since come in, do not want to let her go out again. The wooden crane pushed his quilt to one side and occupied half of the bed. When he was lying down, he saw that he was still standing. Finally, he felt so ashamed of himself. He cleared his throat with a guilty conscience: "Don't you come up to sleep?" "Are you sure you really want to sleep with me?" Wood crane one Leng, obviously is the same meaning, how can she hear from his words not serious, play the meaning of hooliganism? Must be an illusion, reserved shy what all lost to fear, she nodded: "sure." Anyway, it's not like we haven't slept together. However, when he really lay beside him, the wooden crane felt something was wrong. His bed.. Not as big as the master bedroom. Although each covered with a quilt, but next to the man's sense of existence is too strong, even the air seems to become thin up, wooden crane feel about to lack of oxygen, even dare not breathe too hard. Maybe she was young when she met him, and she never thought about the difference between men and women. But now, she realized that eight years ago, eight years later, the nature of their sleeping in the same bed. It doesn't seem quite the same. Kui Heng. "Your bed is a little small, I think, we," the wooden crane gently grabbed the corner of the quilt, carefully organized the language, "is it better to sleep in the master bedroom?" Huo Siheng couldn't hear what she meant. He scared her on purpose and said faintly, "Do you think if I really want to do something to you, you can escape?" Unable. Incorrect After the tip of the wooden crane's heart trembled slightly, she finally turned the corner. She opened her eyes wide in disbelief, sat up with the quilt in her arms, looked down at him, and strongly complained: "If you do anything to me, you are.." An animal! "Miss Mu," heard her accusation, Huo Siheng chuckled, "do I need to remind you that it seems to be you who broke into my room in the middle of the night with the quilt in your arms?" The wooden crane was speechless. After a while, she muttered, "I'm not going to do anything to you." Huo Siheng listened, peach blossom eyes slightly squint at the past, said with deep meaning: "I hope to wake up tomorrow, my pajamas are still dry." Some memories emerged, and the wooden crane's face became hot in an instant. The last time they slept together, the bed was smaller, barely able to accommodate two people, originally back to back sleep, Chu River and Han boundary, distinct,Alumina Ceramic C795, but do not know how to sleep, she became lying in his arms posture, but also his chest clothes. Get wet. The past can't be recalled.