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The president of winter love falls from the sky.

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I really don't know how to give me an explanation after Mr. Zhuo knows this?

Money? Shen was stunned. "I didn't spend any money." This is the truth, all of her dress is the responsibility of the rich and powerful Lu, of course, she did not spend half a cent. No How is that possible? Shui Yao is still under attack. Xiaohai, long time no see. Shi Quanming finished digesting the beautiful woman in front of him, and then opened his mouth to say hello. Stone, long time no see. Shen also wanted to come forward and embrace him, but Shi Quanming dodged first. He didn't want "someone" to misunderstand, not to mention that the man behind her was staring at him. He is? Shi Quanming looked at the man behind Xiaohai, because his eyes were full of hostility to him, especially when Xiaohai wanted to hug him. He should not be an ordinary person, right? After all, he has the king's momentum that ordinary people do not have. It's too much to wish for. Who Shen also seemed confused about the situation, until a pair of iron arms overbearing around her waist, "Oh, he is my friend, Lu rich and powerful." She introduced coyly, with a touch of shyness on her face, patting her arm around her slender waist, trying to tell him to let her go, but he refused to let her go. Hao, let me go. Although she was used to holding her at home,whirlpool hot tub spa, she was now in a public place, and in front of her friends. 'Friend ', huh? Lu's rich and powerful family ignored her, then lowered his head and protested softly against her sensitive ear. Usually he enjoyed their "ambiguous" relationship, but when he suddenly saw Xiaohai rushing to the man in front of him, a sour smell suddenly came out, which made him no longer in the mood to continue to engage in ambiguity, and he wanted to formally label Xiaohai as his own. A Hao. Shen Yonghai had a red face. "Hai,endless swimming pool, who do you think I am?" He deliberately lowered his already deep voice to make it sound sexier and more seductive. A Hao. She didn't understand why Ah Hao cared so much today. Didn't he usually go with her? "All right, all right, you're my boyfriend, okay?" She couldn't stand it any more and declared her surrender directly. Anyway, in her heart, he was already her boyfriend, just a verbal admission. Not satisfied, but acceptable. Two people as if no one else's flirtation, so that Pinyou and other people's faces are covered with a thin layer of blush, really do not know whether to continue to watch, or should leave early, leaving them a space to be alone? "Oh.." Shui Yao suddenly gave a big cry, so this is Xiaohai's boyfriend, no wonder Xiaohai said she did not spend half a cent. Shen Haihai from the world of two people back to God, but because of the iron arm of the rich and powerful Lu, outdoor spa manufacturers ,Chinese spa manufacturer, can not escape. Xiaohai has a boyfriend, so. The three of them suddenly looked in the direction of Shi Quanming, but he didn't seem to be disappointed. Strange, why didn't he look like he was hit at all? Are you all right? Shui Yao whispered in his ear and asked. Shi Quanming did not understand why she asked, but he shook his head, but his ears were suspiciously red. He used to like Xiaohai, but now. He looked at Shuiyao, who was laughing heartily beside Xiaohai at the moment, with a faint attachment in his eyes. Lin Xuan looked angrily at the picture in front of him and found the attachment in Shi Quanming's eyes. Damn it, he could never forget that little bitch! Unexpectedly, Shi Quanming liked her first, and now she has such a handsome boyfriend, plus her dress. She is like a new person who can not be separated from the line of sight. Why is that little bitch so lucky? She is not reconciled, not reconciled. "What's the matter with you, Xiaoxuan?" Then Zhuo Mei came to her with her fiance on her arm. Cousin, it's that little bitch, Shen Yonghai. She pointed to the other side of the sea. Her? Is she Shen Yonghai? That ugly duckling actually. Zhuo Mei's beautiful face suddenly became ferocious. Immediately, she replied to the original sweet charming smile, snuggled up to Huang Shihe intimately, and walked proudly in front of them. Shen Yonghai, you are a fox spirit, the third act of robbing people's boyfriends, but you have the face to attend our engagement banquet, why? Are you not convinced and want to destroy it? She deliberately raised the volume to embarrass her. Suddenly, it seemed that everyone's eyes were focused on her. Shen Haihai's face looked unusually pale, Lu rich and powerful family found her abnormal, let her lean in his arms, hands tightly encircle her, give her warmth. Miss Zhuo. "As soon as Lu made a sound, everyone focused their attention on him alone." I really don't know what my fiancee did to offend you? I want you to slander her like that. He spoke with ease, a sneer at the corners of his mouth, and he did not see the eyes of the crowd at all. It's you. Zhuo Mei finally noticed the man who made a sound. She had a white face, and when she thought of his identity, her face was even more bloodless. Although she had always wanted to investigate what the president of Chi Ling Group looked like afterwards, he was low-key and mysterious, but he did not even have a picture, but their cooperation plan was really returned, so that she dared not underestimate the man who claimed to be the president of Chi Ling Group. Yeah, it's me. Although my company is'not big ', but at least it is a small capital, and Miss Zhuo, you hurt people for no reason, and the injured person is my most precious woman, I really don't know how to give me an explanation after Mr. Zhuo knows this? The skin smiles the flesh not to smile, he relaxed a few words then points out his ability, also lets participate in the banquet the person to start to guess his true identity. I Zhuo Mei shivered and was completely overwhelmed by his momentum. When the project was returned, she took advantage of her father's absence from the company to suppress it. If today's incident alarmed her father, then the project. Zhuo Mei's face became paler. President Lu, you have a lot of adults. Don't haggle with Xiaomei. In front of Lu's rich and powerful family,outdoor endless pool, Huang Shihe can only make amends again. Don't care? Do you think you're qualified to say that? He did not forget that the man in front of him was also one of the murderers who framed Xiaohai. I It was like forcing an egg into my throat. I waited for a long time, but Huang Shihe still couldn't squeeze out a word. You'd better keep in mind that she is the one I protect and the mother of my future child. If I know that you dare to think about her again, I can't guarantee how long your Zhuo's enterprise will survive. 。