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When I was reborn, I became a villain.

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In the refining room, Su Zi looked at the ghost that was constantly absorbed and clapped her hands with satisfaction, as she thought!

Su Zi did not find that the holy medicine behind her would emit more colorful afterglow, and the colorful bundle of fairy silk and mirror flowers, water and moon mirrors flew out independently, surrounding Su Zi, as if to be contaminated with the baptism from the holy medicine. The companion fairy and the holy medicine belong to the same order of existence. But in some ways, the companion fairy is still not as strong as the holy medicine. If you really want to explain, even if the companion fairy has spiritual consciousness, it is also a dead thing. But the holy medicine, which has spiritual consciousness, is a living thing. At this time, the two accompanying immortals were flying around Su Zi, and the colorful light of the holy medicine triggered all the little people in Su Zi's Dantian, and then the same colorful light was emitted in response to the appeal of the holy medicine. Her injury, not only with a very fast speed of healing, Reiki is constantly pouring into her body, when Su Zi passively accepted the memory of those refined ghosts, she did not know that her cultivation began to rise. Chapter 545 I really mean no harm. "Eh?" Also do not know how long, Su Zi completed the acceptance of all memories, the head is still a little dizzy. Blankly sensed the constant influx of Reiki into the body, chaos never said hard to run, the initial stage of refining, unexpectedly in the process of her acceptance of memory and healing, came to the middle stage of refining? What kind of operation is this? And the trend hasn't stopped yet! In the dark, Su Zi heard some voices, as if to solve her puzzles. This second,5 person hot tub, Su Zi is not calm. This is the consciousness that comes from refining the void. It is not accurate to say consciousness. Refining the virtual room and she are one, refining the virtual room does not have consciousness communication, but just like the beginning of her rebirth, she knows how to use refining the virtual room. This is probably an instinctive awareness. With the increase of cultivation, the number of refined ghosts is too large, and the rest of the remaining spiritual power has been staying in the refining room. Now these spiritual powers have entered Su Zi's body on their own initiative. Under the spontaneous operation of chaos, cultivation is growing in this way. Ghosts are also able to Xi xiū Lian. Su Zi knew this a long time ago. But in the past she refined the ghost, the fierce ghost, or now the ghost,best whirlpool tub, the soul body, there is no feedback spiritual power, can only increase the power of the soul. It turned out that all the spiritual powers were kept in the refining room. It was also true that in the past, she had a low level of cultivation and could only enter the refining room with her soul body. At that time, she did not touch Xi Xilian. Naturally, she would not be easily aware of the strong degree of Reiki. As the cultivation became stronger, she was able to enter the refining room as a whole, and naturally she could perceive that the refining room was full of Reiki, but it was not strong, and it was not much different from the outside world, and she did not take it too seriously. Now understood, Su Zi suddenly felt that it was no wonder that he had been able to move in the holy medicine and plant other elixirs. This is a natural medicine garden! But also just think, if there is no holy medicine, Lingcao Lingcao is impossible to survive in it. I'm afraid it will be burned out by the red fire as soon as it is brought in. Think of this, Su Zi suddenly a little curious, after she entered the refining room, since the outside world did not have her, whirlpool bathtub ,garden jacuzzi tub, that refining room will appear? After all, she and Lianxu are one. And she had also used the act of opening the entrance of the refining room to the outside world. This principle is equivalent to the inner world and the outer world of the mirror. But the mirror has a mirror as a carrier, she is equivalent to the carrier of refining the virtual, the same reason, refining the virtual is also her carrier? Su Zi was a little dizzy with her idea, but she thought it was feasible. In order to verify this guess, Su Zi then drives to refine the virtual room, she can not see the outside world. But Bai Lixing, who was next to her, was frightened. It had been more than ten hours since Su Zi had disappeared, and over the place where she was, a small hole of dark nothingness suddenly appeared, which was like a crack in the torn space. However, unlike the crack mouth, its inner color form is not silver-black, but dark nihility. This small hole is not big, like the size of a plate mouth, it appeared, Bai Lixing had not noticed too much before, but now it is frightened and the threat of this hole, is a threat from the soul! Not to give Bai Li much thought, the dark and empty hole began to spin slowly like a whirlpool, and then a huge tearing force emanated from it, and the evocation banner in his hand was almost torn away! Just in the blink of an eye, Bai Lixing understood the origin of this dark hole. It's definitely Su Zi's ghost, and it's used to absorb ghosts and souls! No wonder even he felt a tremor in his soul! I don't know if Su Zi noticed something, but the strong attraction on the evocation banner disappeared, and the ghosts of the fish who had not been taken into custody by him in midair were constantly pulled over in an instant, without any resistance, and fell into the dark hole. Bai Li Xing, ".." It's a big surprise. In the refining room, Su Zi looked at the ghost that was constantly absorbed and clapped her hands with satisfaction, as she thought! Can exist at the same time, can also exist only one, more can be used as her secret stronghold, conveniently scrape ghosts. Su Zi opened the Xi Xi Lian mode, anyway, stay outside is also watching the war situation worry, it is better to get all the quick absorption and stability, even if really encounter a difficult strong, she is not empty! Outside. Bai Lixing looked at the dark hole constantly absorbing ghosts, the corners of his mouth mercilessly pumping, and it had been three hours since it appeared. Looking ahead, there were only a few ghosts running around, resisting the tearing gravity of the black hole. He didn't become a spy for Su Zi, did he? Bai Lixing deeply felt that this idea was right. Even if some people are aware of this black hole, they do not pay much attention to it, only those who are above the integration period, even if they notice it, they dare not act rashly. Even Bai Lixing feels the existence of terror. Do they dare to do it easily when they are afraid of death? Moreover, it did not do anything else, but scraped these ghosts, barely clearing the battlefield. Bullshit! In short, under all kinds of scruples,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, Su Zi captured the ghost, is quite smooth. At this point, the war is coming to an end.