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Power Master [End]

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Then he was slightly stunned and felt guilty. "I'm sorry, Mimi, I shouldn't have been so bloody in front of you, but, but."

Mimi sighed with some helplessness, "so you came to this place to fool around?" "Hey, you speak better, what is fooling around?"? Didn't you come here in the middle of the night in a pajama to fool around? Sister, I think you'd better save it. Are you just finished with your old-fashioned boyfriend, so you come out to release your mood? A girl who was with Mo Xiaoyao could not bear to see Mimi teach Mo Xiaoyao a lesson, so she said disdainfully. Mimi was so angry that her little face turned red and she could not speak, but Suguo lightly loosened Mimi and walked towards the girl step by step. Eyes shot out a cold light, through the lens straight into the girl's heart, so that the girl suddenly pale a buttocks sat on the sofa, afraid to look at Suguo coming, "you, what do you want to do?" "A girl should look like a girl, otherwise, even if your family is rich and you are beautiful, you are just a piece of garbage!" Suguo slapped the girl in the face and laughed at herself, "I don't hit women, but that doesn't mean I dare not!" "You, you ***." The girl angrily grabbed the bottle on the wine table and wanted to shoot Suguo. Fortunately, Mo Xiaoyao knew Suguo's power and hugged the girl tightly. "Hey, what are you doing? She is Milone's sister and brother-in-law!"! Don't make a mess for me! "Didn't you see him hit me?!" The girl struggled vigorously to rush at Sugo. But this time,Whirlpool bathtub, rest ruffian is to see the right time, suddenly seized Mimi, and then pulled aside, "Damn, boy, your woman is now in my hands, kneel down obediently to Lao Tzu!"! Otherwise,jacuzzi suppliers, I will let your woman live and die! Suguo and Mo Xiaoyao and others are stunned, Suguo turned his face and saw Mimi being held in his arms by a young man, a dagger across Mimi's neck, Suguo suddenly became furious. The cold voice let the crowd of onlookers immediately startled, as if Suguo was coming out of hell, let people hear after the heart completely out of a layer of cold! "Let her go, or I can't guarantee that you'll get out of here alive!" Several ruffians looked at Suguo with a slight fear at this time, but Suguo came over step by step, so that these ruffians kept retreating bit by bit, and the fear on their faces was even worse. You, you come here, and if you come here again, I'll kill her! Just finished, Su Guo's figure was suddenly a leap appeared in the side of Mimi, followed by a scream, 4 person jacuzzi ,hot tub manufacturers, the crowd suddenly pale, gasped. Because Su Guo broke the man's arm abruptly! What is more terrible is that under the blood spurting from the broken part, dense bones are faintly exposed. Women who touch me usually end up miserable! Su Guo coldly scanned all the ruffians, only to hear a panic scream, and the ruffians rolled and crawled out in a panic. And the girls on the other side of Mo Xiaoyao were also pale and looked at Suguo foolishly. Still not going home?! If I see you come to this place again in the future, I don't mind punishing you instead of your family. Hurry up! # # # Novel Reading Network welcomes the vast number of book friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all in the novel reading network! ### 141 fool Suguo stood on the edge of the pond in the park, silently washing the blood on his hands, and behind him stood Mimi, whose face was still pale. The cruel side of Suguo just now makes Mimi still have a lingering fear, feeling that he always has a sunny smile on his face and helpless Suguo just now, just like a person, like a messenger from hell, only killing forever. Mimi is very afraid of such Suguo, more worried about whether Suguo will go bad because of this. This is a very simple idea, if you pretend to be very sunny and shy to these people on weekdays, but secretly it is bloody killing, such a boyfriend, even if he is a power division, even if he really likes to be with him, but such a boyfriend is still in Mimi's view, it is better not to. Because I don't know which one is the real one. This feeling makes Mimi feel afraid and even a little overwhelmed. Su Guo slowly turned around and suddenly saw Mimi's pale face. Then he was slightly stunned and felt guilty. "I'm sorry, Mimi, I shouldn't have been so bloody in front of you, but, but." Mimi blinked her long eyelashes and asked, "But what?" But I saw that bastard holding you. Suddenly, I felt a little uncomfortable, and I was very angry, probably, probably because I was afraid that you would be taken advantage of by him, so I got angry. Scared you, didn't it? Suguo looked at Mimi with some embarrassment, but Mimi was slightly stunned on the spot, and then looked at Suguo blankly. He said he didn't like other men holding him? Very uncomfortable? So he lost his temper?? So, does this mean that he, in fact, he has long regarded himself as his own person in his heart, so his possessive desire has turned into a protective desire, and he can't tolerate other men to hit his own idea? So that is to say, this smelly guy has always liked himself in his heart? Mimi's pretty face suddenly turned crimson, very shy to think of their own conclusion, and Su Guo in the heart is also a struggle, death will be their own mood now that they are simply afraid of Mimi and their own time together to be hurt, out of the relationship between friends,endless swim spa, it must be so, as for the heart of the uncomfortable, I am afraid that I will be hurt. It should be because of the feeling between friends. It must be like this.