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Promise me a little heart.

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The head nurse pulled Song Tong to Lin Ruobai's side and gave Song Tong a wink.

Half holding her up and letting her lean on her chest, Lin Ruobai said in a low, hoarse voice, "Is there anything uncomfortable?" Xu Xin's whole body is uncomfortable, leaning on his arms, shaking his head dejectedly, pulling his chest: "I feel so uncomfortable, I can't breathe, Lin Ruobai, I feel so uncomfortable, my heart beats so fast, so fast.." Before she had finished speaking, she let go of her hand and passed out. Lin Ruobai's eyes were all red, and he was confused. "What are you waiting for, ambulance?" He shouted at the people who were at a loss! Call an ambulance! Only then did the men recover from the mess and pull out their cell phones to call for an ambulance. Lin Ruobai picked up Song Tong's front. Song Tong was lifted off the ground by him, and no one around him dared to go up and persuade him, even Mo Xu, standing aside to watch the fun. What do you want to do?! Song Tong turned pale with fright. Lin Ruobai's line of sight locked Song Tong, his forehead veins jumped violently, his jaw stretched into a line, "if there is any mistake in Xinxin, I will let you.." Song Tong's heart beat suddenly faster, she was afraid that this man would really pinch up with one hand, she could see his rage,Magnesium Oxide MgO, faintly to the edge of the attack, because of self-cultivation suppressed. Lin Ruobai grinded his teeth and spoke slowly: "A life is worth a life." Song Tong's feet are soft. Not long after, the ambulance came and lifted Xu Xin into the car. Song Tong took advantage of this moment to slip away quietly. Lin Ruobai grabbed her and changed his tone just now, but his eyes were still very lethal. He wanted to eat Song Tong in one mouthful: "Nurse Song, where are you going?" Song Tong gasped, thinking that this time it was really a big deal, to blame her own too impulsive, how can be so stupid, with Xu Xinming on the face of it, this can be good, how can Lin Ruobai let her go. Song Tong was also afraid. He wondered how the man knew she was working in the hospital. He also thought that it was normal for him to know. He had to find a way to stabilize him. So he said, "I'm not going to run away. You see, my clothes are all wet. If I want to change my clothes, Magnesium Oxide powder ,caustic calcined magnesite, I'll go to the hospital with you." Song Tong explained all the way that she didn't mean to do it just now. She almost fell into the water. In such an urgent moment, there was nothing at hand for her to grasp. She would subconsciously grasp Xu Xin's hand out of fear. She didn't know that Xu Xin couldn't swim, and the situation was so urgent that she couldn't think of so much. Lin Ruobai rudely exposed her lies: "You can swim." How can a swimmer be afraid when he falls into a pool? There was also a doctor and two nurses sitting in the ambulance, who were Song Tong's colleagues. Hearing the conversation between Song Tong and Lin Ruobai, the three colleagues almost knew what had happened. A nurse who was familiar with Song Tong asked Song Tong in a low voice: "Is what Dr. Lin said true?" Song Tong bit his lip and said, "How could I harm people? I am a nurse!" Lin Ruobai snorted and looked directly at Song Tong: "Do you deserve it?" Song Tong pretended to be calm and clenched his fist on his knee: "Professor Lin, you can't say that there is no evidence. This is slander!" "Evidence?" Lin Ruobai gently pulled the corner of his lips, revealing a rather faint sarcastic smile, "the hotel's camera is the best evidence." Song Tong's face was white. Next to the female nurse can not believe: "Xiaotong, you really..." If this matter spreads out in the hospital, what can she do with her reputation? I'm afraid this job can't be saved, in case Lin Ruobai wants to sue her. And as far as Professor Lin's connections in S Academy are concerned, it's not much more difficult to get her than to kill an ant. Song Tong is completely sober. Professor Lin, "she grabbed Lin Ruobai's hand and knelt down, begging," It's not me. I don't have much quarrel with Xu Xin. How can I want to harm her? It's all Luo Manman. I was appointed by her. It's my fault that I listened to her lies.. " Lin Ruobai sneered, shook off her hand, as if he had touched a very dirty thing, and never looked at her again and ignored her. Xu Xin was sent to the rescue room, Lin Ruobai followed all the way, his clothes were almost dried by the wind along the way. Song Tong hurried to the dressing room to change clothes and was stopped by the doctor of the same trade. "Xiao Song, you go back to rest today. We are here.". "Song Tong Leng Leng, looked at Lin Ruobai cold hard side face line, all understand, she smiled helplessly," you all think I did it? " The head nurse also came and greeted Lin Ruobai politely. She called Song Tong aside and asked, "What's the matter with you? The dean just called to inquire." Song Tong began to wipe away his tears and made it up: "Professor Lin's girlfriend fell into the water. I went to save her, but I couldn't save her. You see, my clothes were all wet. Professor Lin scolded me in his heart. His girlfriend's heart disease has nothing to do with me. Can you blame me for falling into the water?" The head nurse did not know what the specific situation was. She comforted Song Tong and said, "Anyway, you are small here. No matter who is in the right, you should apologize to Professor Lin. Let's lower our attitude and soften it. Tomorrow, the dean will find you and I can speak for you." One hundred thousand Song Tong was unwilling: "How many times did I say sorry in the car? Professor Lin didn't listen at all." The head nurse pulled Song Tong to Lin Ruobai's side and gave Song Tong a wink. Song Tong apologized to Lin Ruobai again. Lin Ruobai lowered his eyes and glanced over them. He turned away and looked at the light at the door of the operating room. He said without expression, "I don't want to hear your apology. You'd better pray that she's safe and sound, or you won't be able to mix." Chapter 58 allow me 58 hearts. At eleven o'clock in the evening, a string of cell phone rings came from the corridor, and Lin Ruobai walked quickly out of the door to answer it. A vigorous male voice came from the other end of the phone: "Xiao Bai, the information you asked me to check for you has been found..." …… At the same time, Song Tong, who was rushing to the hotel,Magnesium Oxide powder, sat in a taxi and dialed a string of numbers. It took a long time for the other party to answer. With a trace of drunk male voice, the background sound was very messy: "What's the matter?" Song Tong covered his mouth with a crying voice: "Something happened to me.." The other side's voice sobered up a lot and raised its tone: "What?" Had it not been for the taxi, Song Tong would have cried. She briefly told the other party what happened tonight: "What should I do?"? Lin Ruobai will certainly not let me go. You have to help me. 。