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After being educated, they left the police station, but the fat man's hand was removed

"There should be nothing to do tonight, hehe!" Zhou Ling looked at Jiang Xiaorou, recently went to their home to eat, as if it had become a compulsory course for Zhou Ling, originally Zhou Ling just wanted to borrow Jiang Xiaohui's mouth, to know the situation of the restaurant. But it seems that recently he likes the feeling of someone cooking for him more and more. Not because Zhou Ling is thinking of spring, but because Zhou Ling is getting lazier and lazier, this emotional idiot, for these things, is really not very good, always late. Now everyone knows that Jiang Xiaohui seems to be interested in Zhou Ling, as if only Zhou Ling does not know. Heroes save the United States although old-fashioned, but sometimes there will always be incredible changes, even Sun Leshan and Wei Lanlan these two guys are like this, an iceberg, because of the need for work, all the year round with a straight face, will not smile. Under the attack of Zhou Ling, the hero who saved the United States, there was some sense of disintegration, but unfortunately, Zhou Ling was still too wooden. He is now more focused on his faery world, and he doesn't care too much about these disputes on the earth. Well, then come here! After getting a positive answer from Zhou Ling, Jiang Xiaorou smiled and followed Zhou Ling into the doorway, looking at Zhou Ling with Jiang Xiaorou's mother and daughter, looking really like a family! Beg collect ~ Beg collect ~ Collect collect collect.. Chapter 98: Scum (the third watch for collection!) "Bang!" While Zhou Ling was pretending to be Jiang Xiaorou's'man 'and playing house, a door was opened in a small alley in the ice city,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and then an unkempt man was kicked out of it. Hiss, Lv Dayou, your face is really thick! Then a man with a gold chain around his neck, a big gold ring on his hand, and a big gold tooth on his mouth came out of the room with two of his men. The leader of this guy, like a skeleton, although wearing a lot of gold, but the gold seems to be enough for him to choke, walk, step three shakes,potassium sulphate fertilizer, as if at any time will fall in general. And the two guys behind him were obviously muscular men, bulging muscles as if they had eaten something and were allergic and swollen. If you look inside along the gap between the two muscle men, you will find that there are countless small rooms, countless men and women, in those small rooms, many people are playing with needles there, and some people are making white paper, white paper with a lot of white powder on it, and these guys use paper to make a paper tube. Inhale these small white powder into your brain with your nose, and after these guys inhale these things, they will find some familiar men and women, do not block, do not go to other places, directly on the table began to do the piston movement, the end is abnormal. Qiang elder brother, I beg you, give me a little more, this thing, when the disease is what feeling, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, you can not be unclear ah! Brother Qiang, please, whatever you want me to do, give me some! The guy was scolded and beaten, but he was not discouraged. He got up like crazy, pulled the trousers of the man over there named Qiang Ge, and shouted loudly. But this man named Wang Qiang, who did not seem to have any movement, still stood there, ignoring Lu Dayou at his feet. Hiss, it's too bad luck! Just as this guy was pretending to be an uncle, a van stopped in the alley. Then as soon as the van opened, several black and blue guys jumped out of the van. At first, the man named Qiang Ge did not see clearly who these people were. When he approached and saw clearly, he could not help but be startled. Isn't this Sun Shao, Shen Shao, Luo Shao and Wei Shao? Why are you so early today? After seeing clearly that it was coming, the guy's face changed in an instant, and he ran over with a cheap smile on his face and said to the four guys who got out of the car. These four guys, none other than Sun Liang, were taken to the police station by the officer Zhang after they had suffered losses from Zhou Ling. In the police station, they also know some news about Zhou Ling, know that this boy seems to have a relationship with several big men in the city, Zhang police officer can not say too clearly, but this is enough. They are just businessmen, ordinary rich second generation, not the son of a trillion-dollar businessman, nor do they have any official background. Generally speaking, they are still just some'rich people ', still belong to the civilian class, since ancient times, the people do not fight with the official, now they are the people, and Zhou Ling in their view is the official, so in addition to blame their own bad luck, they also dare not do anything, although these dandy usually two times some, but they also understand, what people can not afford to provoke what people can not afford to provoke. After being educated, they left the police station, but the fat man's hand was removed, so he needed to go to the hospital to see a doctor, and the others went to see him off. As for the four guys, they were so angry that they couldn't find Zhou Lingsa, so they could only find a woman. So they came here, although the facade here is small and shabby, but in fact this is the ice city, all the people know the place. Don't look through here, but it's all-inclusive. You can do whatever you want here. There are places for gambling, places for dancing, places for swimming, and even places for bathing and sauna. The interior of this row of small bungalows is all open. The decoration outside looks shabby, but inside is another world. As long as you want, it's here, but it's only open to so-called'members', and these members are all addicts, so usually, those little rich second generation and little white-collar workers are looking for excitement, that is, to go to those so-called nightclubs. This is a place only known by those in the upper world,Magnesium Sulphate price, which is also known by Sun Liang by chance. Originally, one of his friends in the imperial capital brought him here, and then it became a place for Sun Liang to show off to his friends.