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Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

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It was already evening when Ding Chao arrived at the foot of the Richrodi Hill, but he soon found Professor Zhou, who was already anxious, under a steep wall.

The old gypsy woman asked him in a strange tone of English. And she even pretended to look at Ding Chao's face mysteriously as if she was surprised. Ding Chao wondered if she would fly to the sky immediately if she took a big broom again. I'm sorry, I don't believe it. Before he had finished speaking, he saw the girl rushing out of the street corner and the'third party 'who had been following her. Looking at her as if she was looking for something everywhere in the street, Ding Chao immediately changed his tune and said, "Yes." Then he immediately followed the old gypsy woman into a dark room covered with a cloth curtain. The dim room was filled with a faint fragrance. The old gypsy woman and Ding Chao sat across a round table. On the bracket of the table between them was a crystal ball with a strange luster. The old woman stared at the crystal ball carefully and even ferociously, which made Ding Chao want to laugh. But gradually, the smoke and illusions in the crystal ball really stunned him. At that moment, the old woman, who had always been garrulous, suddenly uttered a "Ah!" Shout loudly. Then his whole body began to tremble. Her face flashed with indescribable consternation and fear. She didn't even know that a long string of saliva was hanging down to her chest. She kept shouting nonsense that no one could understand. At last, she fell to the ground and trembled in a ball in Ding Chao's stunned eyes. Grandma, are you all right? A gypsy boy who was introduced as the grandson of the old diviner when Ding Chao entered the door rushed up and hugged the old woman and shouted. Then she shouted to Ding Chao, "Please go. My grandma is going to be killed by you." Listening to this sentence with serious consequences, Ding Chao sweated out a handful of dollars and escaped from the house without counting them on the table. He doesn't want to get in big trouble for a silly divination game. When he left, the gypsy boy immediately went to the table and counted the money. As he counted, he laughed and said, "Oh, Grandma, this is your best performance.". But you're doing so well, and you're making enough money. "No.." It's not,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, it's not a show. The old gypsy woman's voice came from behind the boy. When he realized that his grandmother's voice was different from that of the usual guests and turned around, the boy was shocked to see his grandmother standing behind him, foaming at the corners of her mouth, staring at the roof with dull eyes, shaking her whole body as if she had been placed on ice. Arrived, saw fire, blood.. And Death With that, the old woman's throat rumbled, and then suddenly picked up the crystal ball on the table and smashed it on the ground. I swear I'll never tell anyone's fortune again. The old woman squeezed the words out of her mouth. Ding Chao sat in a small square, fiddling with the strange dagger and talking on the phone. He was really unlucky today, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, although he soon realized that the old woman was acting, but he immediately found that his wallet was missing in the panic, God knows whether it was left in the old woman's divination house or stolen. So now he has no choice but to call for help. So he dialed the number of the leader of the expedition. Professor Zhou, I found something very strange that you might be interested in. Ding Chao called the leader of the expedition, "I think this may be a special case of the integration of Eastern and Western civilizations, and it is a weapon.". Would you like to see it? Ding Chao looked at the dagger in his hand while making a phone call with some regret. He really liked it very much, but he had no way to eat. But what he couldn't imagine was that Professor Zhou on the phone shouted to him in a more excited tone: "Xiaoding, you put it over there first. I found something more interesting here. Come and have a look. I'm in Richirodi now, which is the Richirodi Hill.". Come on, you'll be surprised. What would it be? Ding Chao thought strangely, but he knew that these academics often had a headache for funding. For example, the editorial department that hired Ding Chao to write his travel notes and the sponsors behind them were the gods of wealth of this kind of academic group. And Ding Chao's pen obviously became the golden key that could make the God of Wealth pay for it. Thinking of these, he was not surprised by the professor's exaggerated attitude. Richelodi Hill is an unremarkable artificial hill located south of Jerusalem. It is said that as early as the beginning of the first century AD, King Herod of the Jewish Kingdom built a luxurious royal garden here. However, in the vicissitudes of history, the king, who was known for his cruelty and greed for power, left behind only the world-famous Wailing Wall. It was already evening when Ding Chao arrived at the foot of the Richrodi Hill, but he soon found Professor Zhou, who was already anxious, under a steep wall. The professor is not very old, and he can even be said to be in the prime of life. But because of the long wait, he looked very haggard. Xiaoding, you're here. Professor Zhou looked at the'God of Wealth 'in front of him and shouted happily. In his mind, even if the young man was not the God of Wealth himself, he was at least a boy who could attract wealth. "We found a strange cemetery in a hole below. The local government had not paid attention to it before, but when we inspected the local collection, we found some very strange funerary objects. We came to have a look." The result is really unexpected. Ding Chao curiously followed the team down the inclined wall, through a messy excavation site, and finally saw a tomb sinking into an inverted funnel close to the cliff. The tomb extends almost at an oblique angle of more than 60 degrees, and people have to climb down the rope under the guidance of the guide. When a tomb door carved with dark wall decorations finally appeared, Ding Chao was already very surprised, and when he came to a small but clear-cut square tomb, he could not help but have the illusion that he was browsing in an ancient tomb in China. This is a Chinese style coffin room,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, but. It doesn't look like much. Ding Chao looked at the decorations around and the patterns on the top of the tomb and said excitedly, "Whose cemetery is this? These decorations are very simple, but there are so many mixed contents that I can't recognize many of them." 。