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Fairy Doctor in the City

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Qin Xiaolei at this time has felt the pressing heat wave, looked back at the spread of the fire, suddenly made a decision, she felt that she would rather fall to death than be burned to death

Wang Xia was reading this fashion magazine when she was startled by Xu Weiwei's cry. "What's your name, Weiwei?" She asked? It's so scary! As he spoke, he turned his head and looked in the direction of Xu Weiwei, and suddenly he said, "Ah!" There was a cry! Chapter 1 [Chapter 152] Flying to Save People Liu Mei was still lying on the bed just now. When she heard the two of them exclaiming, she quickly turned over and looked at them. Suddenly, she said, "Ah, what's wrong with the opposite side? Is that a fire?" At this time, it was obvious that they were not the only ones who saw the anomaly on the opposite side, because there were more and more screams. Suddenly, smoke billowed from a dormitory on the sixth floor of the graduate student building opposite, but a girl was poking her head out of the window and shouting for help. Her cry immediately caused more people to exclaim. Hearing the girl's cry, Xu Weiwei suddenly froze and exclaimed, "Is that Qin Xiaolei?" "Really?" Liu Mei is also nervous, after all, five years of classmates, but also a dormitory, there are natural feelings between each other, suddenly heard that the opposite building is trapped in Qin Xiaolei, she naturally more worried,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, in fact, she also recognized that it is Qin Xiaolei's voice, but the heart is subconsciously rejecting this situation. The opposite building is in a mess now. Originally, the research building was not allowed to privately connect the electric stove to cook and cook. But relatively speaking, the housing conditions there are better, not only graduate students, but also a few young teachers. On weekdays,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the management of this kind of thing is not very tight. As a result, these girls often improve their meals in a half-dark way. And now that we are going to have a holiday, all aspects of school work are somewhat lax, and no one takes these things seriously. As a result, many students' farewell dinner was naturally held in the dormitory, and the girls had some good cooking skills, so they naturally rushed to show their skills. Qin Xiaolei is not a graduate student, but because her sister is a graduate student, she is also very familiar with these teachers and sisters, and often comes here to eat. Today she came not only to eat, but also one of the main chefs, because her cooking skills are also good, very popular with the elder martial sisters, Qin Xiaolei is also a little proud of this, so she is also willing to do this chef. Perhaps today is not a suitable day to make a fire and cook here. When Qin Xiaolei was a chef here, mirror stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, the dormitory next door was gloomy. Many people are wiping their tears. Girls are always more likely to be infected by the melancholy of parting, not to mention that they are still seven-year undergraduate and postgraduate classes, seven years of classmate life, friendship is naturally not shallow. Such a mood, so that a group of girls are somewhat absent-minded, of course, a large group of "sisters" are also embarrassed to let the former Xiaolei a "sister" work alone. Therefore, from time to time, people come to help or just express their condolences, as if to say, "Comrades have worked hard!" That feeling. But a large group of people who do not belong to the mind, do not know who knocked over the oil bottle, ignited the flower seedlings, so everything developed in the direction of disaster. In fact, this so-called kitchen is also a dormitory, which naturally has a lot of flammable materials, not to mention cooking oil to support combustion, and the fire surged in an instant. It immediately blocked the door of the dormitory. In fact, if Qin Xiaolei sees the opportunity early. There is still a chance to run out as soon as the fire comes up. Unfortunately, she was stunned for a moment. Wait until the reaction is on fire. Trying to put out the fire again. He took a pillow and beat it twice, but it didn't put out the fire. But even the pillow was on fire. Wait until she drops the pillow and wants to run again. The doorway is already a sea of fire. The girl who got into trouble was scared silly at the moment. Such a big fire naturally alarmed the surrounding people. The girls next door who were immersed in the sorrow of parting were naturally alarmed. Among them is Qin Xiaoyun, the elder sister of Qin Xiaolei. When Qin Xiaoyun discovered this situation. The fire is already very big. She is a sisterhood. Knowing that his sister was inside, he called his sister's name and rushed inside. But the students on one side saw such a big fire. Where dare you let her in? He immediately pulled her to death. Naturally, some people think of fire fighting. Someone took the basin to fill the water. But there's oil in this room. You can't rely on a few basins of water. Others remembered that there seemed to be a fire extinguisher in the concierge downstairs. Run downstairs in a hurry. At this time, the whole sixth floor was in a mess. There are places to run for their lives. There were attempts to put out the fire. But the fire is getting bigger and bigger. Qin Xiaoyun was pulled by her classmates at this time. Crying out my sister's name. The heart has begun to despair. Qin Xiaolei has retreated to the window. She was also a little desperate at this time. This is the sixth floor. Obviously, you can't jump out of the window. She has no way to retreat. It seems that the only choice is to fall to death or be burned to death. Qin Xiaolei lay on the window in vain and shouted for help. Hoping for some kind of miracle from God. In the opposite dormitory building, Xu Weiwei was already shocked. Seeing Qin Xiaolei like that, Xu Weiwei could hardly bear to look any more. She was powerless to save her life, but how could she bear to watch her classmates being burned to death? Qin Xiaolei at this time has felt the pressing heat wave, looked back at the spread of the fire, suddenly made a decision, she felt that she would rather fall to death than be burned to death, so thinking, Xu Weiwei in the opposite building was surprised to see Qin Xiaolei suddenly climbed up the windowsill. Seeing that the tragedy was about to happen, the students could not help shouting, here is the girls' dormitory, a large group of girls screamed together, but the momentum was amazing, but in a large cry of surprise, suddenly there was an exclamation: "Stand still!" That voice does not seem to be very loud, but magically penetrated the exclamations of many girls, so that everyone can hear clearly, which naturally includes Qin Xiaolei, including Xu Weiwei. When Xu Weiwei heard an exclamation, she felt that her heart was much quieter. Then she saw a figure running out of the shade of the trees downstairs and began to climb upstairs very quickly. At this time, only the burning room was reflected red,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but it was dark outside and nothing could be seen clearly. Although many people saw the figure, no one could see his appearance clearly. But Xu Weiwei knew for a moment that the man who was climbing upstairs quickly was Zhang Yang. I don't know why, but it seems that she is very familiar with this figure now.