How To Fix OBS Desktop Audio Not Working

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Whenever you have followed these means, restart your OBS and take a stab at running the work area sound once more. It would be ideal for it to work in the event that the mistake was brought about by any module.

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Stages like YouTube and Jerk have opened another domain of chances for makers to remain associated with their crowds. Gone are the days when you needed to trust that your number one makers will transfer a video, as now you can follow them on their live streams.

With OBS, an open-source video recording and Pen Drive Recovery software , live streaming has been simpler than any time in recent memory. In any case, these live streams frequently end unexpectedly for the makers because of OBS work area sound not working immaculately. Since it is an open-source program, there is generally a chance of a mistake that you might experience. Individuals who use OBS to record, share their screens in the live stream, or use it to record response recordings have revealed a few occurrences of sound not dealing with OBS.

Be that as it may, as is commonly said, there's dependably an ideal for everything wrong! There are ways you can fix the OBS issue all alone. You need no expert help to direct you through. All you want is to peruse this blog and execute the procedures shared and they ought to fix the issue immediately!

Compelling Ways Of fixing OBS Work area Sound Not Working

The issue is straightforward while utilizing OBS to share your work area screen; it frequently neglects to get work area sound. The OBS work area sound not working can be a serious issue in the event that you stream games that expect in-game talks and coordination.

On the off chance that you are likewise confronting a comparable issue, there are various ways you can fix the issue. How about we investigate these techniques and understand when they ought to be used.

Really take a look at Your Sound Gadget Settings

Assuming that you continue to change your PC's sound gadget from earphones to speakers as well as the other way around, you ought to really look at the chose sound gadget while utilizing OBS. A typical slip-up frequently makes the OBS work area sound quit working.

To really take a look at your sound gadget settings on Windows 11, follow these means -


Click on Sounds

Select the gadget you need your sound result from. To get the sound in OBS, speakers ought to be the favored decision.

Save the changes, restart the OBS, and your issue ought to be settled.

sound properties

Introduce Refreshed Sound Drivers in Your Work area

The Realtek drivers used ordinarily on work areas and PCs require customary updates. OBS works best with the most recent renditions of both video and sound drivers on your PC. To refresh your sound drivers, follow these means -

Press Windows + X to raise the menu

Click on Gadget Director to open the rundown of gadgets.

In the rundown, track down your sound gadgets by growing the Sound data sources and results tab.

gadget director update driver

Select your Realtek speakers and the Right snap to track down the Update Driver choice.

Whenever you have started the cycle, it will take you to the Update Driver Wizard.

search driver consequently

Assuming that you have a pre-downloaded driver document, or you actually have the circle that accompanied your sound gadget, you can pick the choice to peruse your PC and burden the drivers. Or then again you can allow Windows to look for it on the web.

Adhere to the directions, and you can track down refreshes for your sound driver.

While it is the coordinated method for refreshing drivers in Windows, it appears an over the top errand to wrap up. Particularly almost too late when you were going to begin your stream, the sound driver halted you.

To save time and have a superior encounter, you can download Progressed Driver Updater to in a split second download sound drivers. It works perfectly and requires only a couple of moments to introduce and carry out. This is the way you can obtain the best outcomes -

Download the High level Driver Updater from the button beneath.


Run the application. You will track down a choice to filter your PC for missing drivers. Click on Start Output Now to begin the cycle.

high level driver updater

Allow the product to run the sweep behind the scenes. You can involve the PC while examining for missing drivers, so you don't need to take part simultaneously.

high level driver updater filter process

When the output is finished, you will track down a rundown of obsolete/missing drivers.

In the event that you have a preliminary variant, you really want to tap on update driver for every one of the drivers individually. Click on the update driver button close to the sound driver. In any case, assuming you have the enrolled variant, you can tap on Update All to refresh obsolete driver.

update all obsolete driver

Allow the product to find, download, and introduce refreshed drivers from a solid driver catalog. When the interaction is done, restart your PC, and you will be all set!

download most recent driver

That is that utilizing Progressed Driver Updater is so natural. Best of all, it's anything but a manual interaction you should rehash for every one of your gadgets. You can refresh every one of the obsolete drivers with only a couple of snaps. To fix OBS work area sound not working, this is a must-attempt device!

Check Your OBS Modules and Eliminate Superfluous Ones

OBS likewise has many modules that you can introduce to improve the ease of use of your framework. On the off chance that the OBS work area sound not working issue has emerged subsequent to introducing a module, ensure you eliminate it.

Modules are additional items that assist you with accomplishing something faster in the framework. There are a couple of highlights that the OBS doesn't have as a matter of course that can be added utilizing these modules.

In any case, some of the time these can make a help quit, bringing about the sound not working. To eliminate the modules, follow these means

Open Windows Wayfarer and explore to your default framework drive, Neighborhood Plate C.

Open the Program Records envelope and search for the OBS organizer.

In the OBS organizer, you will find a devoted envelope named OBS modules.

Find all the sound related modules introduced on your framework. These could incorporate Sound Soundtrack, Fish, and so on.

Search for .dll records of every one of these modules.

To eliminate these modules, just erase these documents.

Separating Words

Knowing the historical backdrop of OBS and sound drivers, the ideal answer for your issue can be tracked down in the subsequent step, ie, introducing the refreshed drivers. USB Drive Recovery software can decide to refresh drivers with either technique referenced. Notwithstanding, for mistake free and easy driver refreshes, we suggest Progressed Driver Updater.

What is your take? Was it useful? Kindly let us in on the remarks. Assuming that you face a comparative issue and settled it for certain different techniques that we missed, notice them too.